New faces rock, the series. Episode 90 : Robbie Ettinger

07 fev, 2015

Thanks for having me, I’m glad to be here! First of all my name is Robbie Ettinger and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I love being outside and active: playing sports or just relaxing with friends always sounds like a good time to me.






I love to snowboard and mountain bike and sometimes just simply relax with friends!

Becoming a model was honestly one of the biggest surprises of my life. I remember joking with some friends in middle school about how cool being a model would be, not ever thinking for a second that I would end up actually becoming one.  

I got scouted at Century City mall in Los Angeles while I was sitting in a massage chair in a store with my dad. A photographer, who I have now worked with a couple different times named Race Willard, got me in touch with Wilhelmina LA and the rest is history. This happened near the beginning of my senior year of high school but I only started modeling full time once I graduated.  

I decided to take a year off before attending college to travel and see what modeling could do for me. I try to live by the motto “you miss every shot you don’t take” so giving modeling a shot for a little while seemed like the right thing to do. My first test shoot was without a doubt a little awkward but you learn quickly and it becomes quite fun, just playing around on camera.  

For me, the best things about modeling are the spectacular places I have gotten to visit and the great friends I have made along the way.






Posing to photographers: making each shoot a cool new experience 

I love working with photographers that are willing to take chances and try and get a picture that is different and interesting. It is really interesting to me how each photographer has a different vision and approaches shoots differently. It makes each shoot a cool new experience.  

I personally do not like shooting naked, especially because one of my favorite parts of shooting is the different clothes I get to wear and experiment with.  

I’ve definitely had some good times backstage. One story that sticks out in my head is a shoot I did in which a woman walked up while we were shooting and started freaking out that I was a “real life model.”

 The runway shows 

As of now the only fashion show I have walked in is the Daks London S/S15. I had a great time working with the crew in this show and loved my outfit, it was an athletic one that featured some of the first joggers that I had seen and one of the softest shirts I have ever worn.  

Walking down the runway is honestly one of the most exhilarating feelings, but I can’t lie and say I wasn’t scared shitless before I walked out from behind stage. I’m not sure what I was thinking while I was walking, but probably something like, “wow, there are a lot of people here…. I hope I don’t trip.”

Male models x Female models: who rule this industry? 

I think it is generally true that female models still run the fashion industry but men’s fashion is definitely becoming a much bigger share of the industry and thus male models are starting to get more exposure. There are a bunch of models that I really respect for their work in the industry, but more than anything I look up to the guys that I have become friends with that are doing very well in the industry because I see first hand how humble they .

 What I like most about the men’s fashion industry is in general the guys are very friendly, and I know that at least between my friends and I, we all want each other to succeed, which is hard to find in any industry.




Robbie, a fashionisto? 

I don’t know if you could classify me as a fashionisto but I definitely love fashion and put a good amount of thought into my outfits. Really I just feel like you feel more confident when you know you’re looking good (especially in a nice suit).  

After becoming a model I have definitely become more interested in fashion and I love adding new pieces to my wardrobe when I get the chance. I try to always dress relatively well when I’m not working  as a model even If that means just jeans, a nice t-shirt, a nice pair of shoes and a cool pair of sunglasses or something. 

 Fav booking so far 

I loved the editorial I did for Manifesto Magazine Issue 25 because I loved the clothes in all 8 looks and had a great time with the crew, but it’s hard to narrow it down to one favorite booking.  

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

To be honest, I don’t know if I would be able to contain my laughter. I can’t believe something like that would ever happen to me, but if it did, that would be hilarious. I would take pictures with anyone that wanted to but I would try not to get caught up in the crowd and move on with my day… the fame that could come from it doesn’t interest me all that much, but I can’t lie and say I don’t think I would enjoy that situation every once in a while :) .

On show business 

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of show business. It’s just weird for me because I feel like it is very superficial and I don’t think I fit in all that well with the industry. But show business has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people and make some of my best friends, as well as to travel and experience some really amazing places, so I guess I can’t really complain :)

Dating x Loving 

Hmm, my style concerning dating and loving? I guess I would have to go with the fact that I’m still young and just trying to have fun.






Sports: I love sports and just being outdoors. I love playing friendly games of basketball or football or just going out and snowboarding or mountain biking with one or a group of friends.  

Superpowers and Superheroes 

I know it’s the most generic answer but if I could have any superpower I would without a doubt take the ability to fly. Just being able to soar above cities and oceans like birds do would be such an unreal feeling.  

Nickname at school 

My real name is Robert so my nickname has always been Robbie, but the nickname ASAP Robbie did emerge during my junior year of high school and I always kind of like that.  

Music and Food 

My favorite thing about my IPOD is that if you shuffled it, you could listen to different kinds of music for hours on end. I love rap and electronic especially right now, but I’m also a huge classic rock fan and can even mess around with some Jazz if the mood is right.  

I don’t have one favorite food, but I am a huge Italian food lover.  

Fav underwear for all moments 

My favorite underwear is my Calvin Klein briefs for sure, they’re just so unbelievably comfortable and it even looks pretty damn good.  



If u weren´t a model, u´d be… 

If I wasn’t a model right now I would be studying, but what I love about modeling is its giving me the opportunity to learn from the real world. 

Yourself in 10 years 

In 10 years I see myself beginning to settle down, hopefully with a stable job and enjoying life as much as I am right now. But to be completely honest, if you had asked me one year ago where I thought id be in one year my answer would be completely different than what my life has actually turned out to be, so based off that, I can’t wait to see where I am in 10 years!



 Unforgettable moments 

I´ve had so many unforgettable moments that have come from modeling but one that I will never forget was walking down the runway for the Daks London S/S 15, it was truly unlike anything else I have ever experienced!  

When u´ll come down to my world bud? 

I hope to come down to Brazil soon, I went when I was younger and absolutely loved it, but would love to get the chance to go now that I am older.  


I try to live my life by is “remember the past, dream of the future, but always live in the moment.”  

Thanks for joining us and your upcoming projects 

My pleasure, thank you for having me! I am going to Barcelona this February and possibly somewhere in Asia after that, so we will see what projects come of that!



Agencies: Wilhelmina LA/NYC 

MGM-Marilyn Paris 

Sight Barcelona

2morrow Milan

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor




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