RL Bond: “The best thing about modeling is that I have not lost passion for the game. I continue to have fun as if I am a kid”

06 jun, 2015



My name is RL Bond and I am from Decatur, IL. I love training kung fu, boxing, yoga, meditation, hiking, bowling, traveling, modeling, helping others, motivate others, and spend time with family. 



I decided to become a model being inspired by MR. Beckford.  People continued to encourage me to give it a try and I patiently waited until I truly believed in myself.  My first photo shoot was with a designer Tiger Valentine Val St. Clair.  in Tampa Bay, FL   

I had so much fun and we continued shooting coming up with different looks and I eventually got signed with my first modeling agency immediately starting off doing catalogue work.  





The best thing about modeling is that I have not lost passion for the game.  I continue to have fun as if I am a kid.  Doing it for the love and knowledge of the game.

 Models, Photographers and the cool backstages 

The modeling market for Africans in the U.S. is competitive the same as everyone else.  It really comes down to how bad do you want it.  This has nothing to do with if you are white, black, asian or other descent.  

  I do not believe there is anything I like or dislike about photographers.  I like to begin photo shoots with an empty mind so that the photographer and I can create magic. 

I meditate everyday, so I believe this would be my preparation everyday before leaving the house if it is for a photoshoot or just enjoying the day.   If you are a model and you are not comfortable being naked in front of a camera, then you maybe in the wrong industry.


I am known to be the biggest goofball on set of photo shoots, I love to keep the energy high.  Making funny faces, making people laugh, and surely meditate on lunch breaks.  

The runway shows 

 I have had the opportunity to work with many designers and walking the runway really is the funnest times.   I have no thoughts when walking the runway besides staying in the moment and enjoying every moment of the experience.   

Male models x Female models





 Women will always rule the industry.  There are some male models that are marketed very well, but not comparison with women not at all lol.  All male and female models inspire me.  It maybe there style, character, their craft or simply aura that they may have. 

Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say 

If I told you the dumbest thing models say you wouldnt be suprised.  We say alot of dumb things just like anyone else.




RL Bond, a fashionisto? 

Every male and female model has their own self confidence which is seriously contagious in a great way.  I am not a fashionisto.  I dress very simple, but I like to not try. 

 At times when you do not try you really stand out because you have few colors but you just simply dont give a fuck. I like to know whats in and whats not and create what works for myself.

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 There has been moments when someone may have notices me from a job, but I do not treat anyone differently.  We may high five, hug, or simply have a spiritual conversation about life. 







On show business 

I am a relaxed guy with no ego.  I love show business.  You are hot one day and the next day your not.  You must have a balance in this industry or else it can break you.  You will fall into the hype and forget how to connect with nature, people, and most important yourself.  Keeping your life zen is key, even if you are not in the entertainment industry this is important because when your physical body is ready to leave this world you cannot take anything with you, but pure energy.

 Super powers and Superheroes





 We do have superpowers, but you must truly believe it.  It is a confidence thing for sure.  Inspiration is everywhere and you must find one thing which inspires you everyday

 My favorite superhero is dreaming.  When I dream I can be anything I would like to be.  If the energy is really strong I can dream it and work towards this dream making it become my reality.  Now that is wild.  We are very special. 


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 Music and Food 

When it comes to music I mostly listen to jazz, r n b, meditation, hip hop, reggae etc….My favorite food/drink has to be banana pudding, peach cobbler and egg nogg haha. 

 If you weren´t a model, you´d like to be… 

If I were not a model I am sure I would be a bird, but we are all animals and are all connected.  One consciousness.




 Fav booking and why 

My favorite model job booking is the next booking that I receive.  I truly live in the present moment knowing that there is nothing like time. 

Yourself in 10 years

  In 10 yrs I see myself owning several business and still continue to model until I start wearing diapers again, and I will probably still model in diapers. 

The present moment is the only moment when we experience happy and sad events.  What is present?  A gift. 

Next Chapters 

I recently just came back to the United States from Capetown, South Africa  working with Base model agency for 7 months.   I never know what our next project maybe.  My agencies and I are so random.  We see something we like and we just go for it you know. 

My mother agency is Q models New York and I am also with Q models LA http://www.qmodels.com/  and Joy models Milan http://www.joymodels.com/


I see good in every negative person or situation.  Book me lets work!



RL Bond

31 yrs old

6 feet 2 inches or 188cm


13 shoe

 Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor