Rinus Johannes: his first time ever in a samba school´s parade

31 mar, 2011

He was one of the main floatee in the Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel´s parade, one of the most famous brazilian samba school.The parade took place some weeks ago during Carnival in Sambodrome   (a place consisted of several independent concrete structures along both sides of an avenue where several samba schools use to perform for a huge  audience).

The samba schools´ parade is just like a fierce competition  and every samba school  also performs to  a jury of experts chosen by LIESA, the league of Samba Schools and then this jury choose the best samba school of the year in Rio de Janeiro.

In  this amazing scenario, there comes my bud Rinus, having a real good time, very excited to live this special moment and sharing some cool pics with the World of Models family!

Yup yup, I´m a Carnival´s huge fan and I met Rinus and the photographer Felix daSilva during the Carnival at Ipanema´s beach!

Rinus is doing such cool fashion campaigns and hopefully he´ll be back to World of Models family again soon to share with us his newest modeling projects.


Ed, the brazilian editor


Rinus Johannes

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