Ricardo Herriot: an amazing career as a top model and athlete too!

04 jan, 2012

Hello my friend Ed and hi to World of Models family. Welcome to 2012 folks!


I was born in Rio de Janeiro, a real “carioca”, living in the best city around the world with an astonishing nature, beaches, sports, nice weather and cool  people. I´m married with the woman of my life with 4 beautiful boys and living in a cool house.

 Amazing career as a top model and athlete too!

I´ve lived in many cities around the world. I had a real good modeling life during 80´s and 90´s and also into sports too. I got two bronze medals in the world championship black belt of jiu-jitsu and twoo times panamerican champion in 1997 and 1999  for Carlos Gracie. When I was 19, I was chosen as the best middle wheight champion of Judo (black belt already ) and bronze medal in the nationals. I also introduced in Brazil  the trampolins as an entertainment in the malls, beaches , parks and so on.

How did all begin

I was  a tenis teacher at Lob academy in Rio de Janeiro. I was giving tenis lessons to a photographer and he invited me for a fashion campaign. I thought that would be funny, but after a month later, when he came to me with the paycheck I was really interested. Then I made a book with photographer Clicio. (that time, married with the hot model Elzinha Barrozo)

There were no agencies that time. I was 20 years old and I started looking for editors, producers, advertisment agencies, mags. One year later I was invited to live in Paris for Karin Models along with my buddies Panthera, Décio, Oivier Anquier, Vitor Fasano, Helinho and Mário Machadinho all still in the business but like bosses now hahahahah. We were one of the first successfull brazilian guys who worked in the male international modeling market. Good times, cool stories!

The modeling career in the 80´s

Campaigns, tv comercials, editorials in many diferent countries and markets . I was an audacious model . Paris was my home, but also London, Munich, Zurich, Milano , Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hamburg, just to name a few, learning about the culture, life styles, mmeting beautiful girls, enjoying the best parties, amazing stories and the fashion shows (I only did Milano and Paris) from 82 up to the 90s. I loved it!

Herb Hitts 

One of the photographers that I liked most to work with was Herb Hitts. He was a genius. Seduction, a perfect scenario and top models. We worked together for Jean Franco Ferre  campaign.

The modeling industry nowadays

Ohhhh, the girls still rule this market.. There is no seducing without the inspiration of a beautiful female. Without them, the world would be terrible!.

Today we have the asian markets, Mexico, South Africa, different ones but not so fashionable as Paris, London or Milano.

In the middle of 90´s I started acting too. Another terrific experience and still doing today.!

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Show business, fame, success….

Show business is very exciting, of course but you must be lucky and smart to survive the jungle and get the best of it for you, because  your life and career belongs to you.  Fame is contagious and dangerous. Sucess comes with hard work .


 Most important things for my life are

My sons
My house  
Family business .

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would smile like a kid but after a few minutes I would play a roll, acting very fast and having the best fun in that moment, Get it all baby !!!

Dating X Loving

Dating and loving is everything in this business. It is all about seducion. People drive their own carrer the way they want

In his Ipod

U2 was the best partner in my travels, good music is necessary everyday.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol!)

No fav underwear and for those cool sexy moments, better without it lol

Unforgettable moments

I had amazing and unforgettable moments with beautiful girls in top rated hotels located in paradise Islands that will be forever in my mind.

Life goes on!

Paulo Borges is a friend of mine and the creator of the São Paulo Fashion week. All my friends own the best agencies, some of them became famous as a photografers, hairdressers, stylists. 

I am now in the Oil market business, but I´m also doing some modeling and acting too. The fashion industry will always be around (here, there and everywhere). It can be fun, glamorous, so if you are really interested to become a model, go for it, follow the rules, read and learn about this business and never give up on your dreams.

All the best to you folks and take care big Ed!


Contact info:  Ford Models Rio http://www.fordmodelsrio.com.br/

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