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01 mar, 2015


Eddie, how are you my man! First, I wanna say thanks for always keeping up with me. But, of course, there has been some awesome developments in my career. Not everything I can speak on at the moment. Yet, when everything drops I’ll fill you in 100%! Stay tuned! :)  





Photographers and the funny/unusual backstages

Well, not too long ago I did a shoot and the photographer wasn’t sure I was going to be good so he was very stern with me and told me that he wanted to only shoot about 50 frames per each look for the catalog! I got the shoots much sooner and the shoot was supposed to be 8hr and we were done with all the looks in half that time. Then we needed up goofing off and shooting more stuff be aside work was all done! Lol







The modeling market for black models in USA

Honestly, black models will always have a challenging time in all markets. I wish I could give you a reason why but I can’t. So, instead of blaming the industry leaders I would encourage the black population; not, just in the entertainment industry, but, the people who make this industry possible. The black customers to stop boosting, bootlegging or whatever spin you want to put on stealing and start buying. That way the people who are the opinion leaders in this industry can feel they need to continue to attract customers of color!!








Fav booking so far and why

Man that’s a challenging question, because all my bookings are amazing along with the clients. But if I had to pick one, I’d say, “Jaybird Sport!!!” Currently, I am the face of one of the newest products! Reign by Jaybird is this awesome activity tracker! It does so much more than just track your heart rate. It tracks HRV which means Heart Rate Variability the differences in the rhythmic beats your heart makes on an everyday basis.

It can detect the differences between different type of physical activity, ranging from general activity to running, swimming, sports and even walking. I honestly could go on and on about this product but then I won’t get to the other questions hahaaa

Rhyan´s secrets to be  in a good shape!

Well, I believe is consistency for one thing but then I am all about the circuit work outs! Basically P90X plus lots of cardio! To create ripped, lean and explosive muscles. I believe in functionally workouts to gain sexy and useable muscles. Being an NCAA athlete I can’t allow myself just to let myself go or lose my competitive spirit.




Superpowers and Super heroes

I would want the power to create a physical reality. Meaning tela-kinesics and telepathy be the ultimate telepath!

My fav super hero would be Professor X. He is one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. He never let his power go to his head. Instead, he used his power to build up others and he never let his disabilities prevent him from seeing others for everything they could be, even though he couldn’t walk. 

Earliest childhood memory and nickname in school

Getting my first dog. His name was “Xeryus” pronounced Serious! Isn’t that an awesome way to spell such a simple word!

“RhyRy,” was my nick name but most people just called me Rhyan. You’d have to be  close to me to call me RhyRy.




Guilty pleasure


I seriously have probably spent an entire months rent on that game!!! Not to mention I also play SODACRUSH!!!! I just love the music, the strategy and the peace these two game bring LMBO!!! I really sound like an addict and I am not going to counseling for this problem! Hahahaa




Next Chapters

Well, my plans are to become a supermodel! I still haven’t changed from the first interview! And trust me when I hit the top everyone will know it!

Mother agency:

Urban Talent

My agent is the Lovely Tina Bullen



Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor 


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