40 Graus Models, the series: Rhenan Felix

26 set, 2015


Hello World of Models family, I´m a down-to-earth-guy,  living in Rio de Janeiro and loving it!. I enjoy surfing, staying with my family and chilling out with my friends.




In 2011 I decided to give a try into modeling career, as friends, family and even strangers used to talk to me that I had “the look”. I was discovered in a workshop by Sergio Mattos, owner of 40 graus models.

My first shooting was an editorial I did for Complexo B at the top of  Vidigal´s  slum. One of my latest photos were for an Italian magazine called NUIT,  shot by Andrea Vechiatto.

The best part of being a model for me is having the opportunity to meet many people and also the chance to get to know the world and  get paid for it.






Posing to photographers

 When I’m working with a photographer i like to have a tune with it and a clear communication, so I can convey all that he/she has in mind for the photoshoot.

Before the shoting I like to do some exercises to warm up my body and give a pump too.

Last year I did an editorial in the Tijuca forrest here in Rio de Janeiro and we were posing for the photos. Suddenly appear 4 Rangers and I was naked, I tried to disguise it with shorts they gave me to cover my nudity but it didn´t work :)



The catwalks´ experiences 

I love catwalks, it’s a huge adrenaline! I´ve already walked for  Metsavaht Oskar, Ronaldo Robim and Ricardo Nasseh. Once after we walked for Ellus, we all drank champagne in the backstage. I had a cam and we decided to jump, strike some cool and insane poses. We had lots of fun :)

 Male models x Female models






Women remain on top (Kate Moss is my fav model)  but we are getting there too!

 Rhenan, a fashionista? 

A bit.. I like to wear comfortable clothes.

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

The best way possible. Give everyone´s attention and I would get the girls´ phone numbers hahahah

On show business

 It is really cool. if I could get into show biz I´d enjoy every moment of it.



Rhenan´s style on….

 Dating X Loving



Surf, Skate, Basketball and Martial Arts

 Superpowers and Super heroes

 Fly, for sure!


Atracting someone´s attention

 Looking into the eyes

Having fun, enjoying life

Surfing, skateboarding, reading a good book, watching a good movie, hanging out with my friends and my family and also with a nice girl J

Fav body part and underwear


Feet, most of the things I like to do require them

 Calvin Klein

Music and Food

I don’t have a fav one.. I hear national and international rap, electronic music, dubstep, rock, mpb, reggae and jazz.

 Japanese food


Nickname in school

Rhenanzinho and Mãozão

Guilty pleasure


Fav booking so far



I do not have a favorite one, but I had one in particular that was pretty cool.  The one I did for Daslu Boutique on Ipanema´s beach. The staff was amazing, I posed next to a Victoria Secret´s angel

Yourself in 10 years 

In a place where you have amazing waves

And that´s all folks! Thanks World of Models family for having me. Big kiss to everyone and I wish u all the best.

 My mother agency is 40 Graus Models http://40graumodels.com/novo/ and my Instagram @rhenanfelix.

Much Success :)



Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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