The brazilian model Renato Ferreira: some cool updates on his first international modeling trip!

18 mai, 2011

Hello World of Models, it’s so nice to be back again to share some upates with you guys. Renato Ferreira here, 23 years old, born in Goiania, Brazil and having a real good time working as a model in my first international trip here in Asia (South Korea, Philippines, Thailand and China right now)

 I´ve been in Asia for almost a year and I´m really happy cause I´ve been doing great jobs (fashion campaigns, editorials for big brands like LG, SAMSUNG, AVON, KFC,  PENSHOPPE, JAG JEANS etc.

I really enjoy the Asia modeling market, I’ll still be over here till the next month. I’m in Guangzhou-China now and then I intend to go back to Brazil to spend some days with my family and friends.

 The asian and brazilian modeling markets

I see some differences between both modeling markets. Brazil has quite few jobs for a model if we compare to Asia but def I want to go back and work in Brazil, why not? And for sure,  try the european modeling market too!

The Arrivalist, a love story

“The arrivalist” was a TVC that I did for Penshoppe Dept Store in Manila – Philippines..I love this video, it was very nice to do this job, it’s like a love story u know. It took 2 days to do this video, 30 hours working with an incredible teamwork.

For this job I was selected through my book. The client chose me and I had no previous idea about this job. I just got all the info when I arrived in the set.

Funny backstages´ moments: birds on the ground!

Yes, I have many funny moments! haha. In the Arrivalist, for example, there was a scene that me and the other model had to go away of the museum and along the way there were birds on the ground. We had to repeat that scene about ten times because they didn’t leave the path and the model ever kicked on  them unwittingly. It was really so funny.. haha!

Any previous preparation? Hmmmm, I just try to eat and sleep well and that´s all.

Renato Freitas having fun on social, cultural aspects. language and fashion trends!

In my free time I´ve been into restaurants, night clubs, beaches chilling out with my buddies

Every country in Asia has its own and unique life style, very interesting cultural aspects. What I find most interesting is the food.

Philippines is the country that I most associate to our brazilian cultural aspects because it is a catholic country just like us.

I enjoy their fashion trends. They always look for european fashion trends and a mix of their own culture Time is money for chinese people, so the client prefer to do everything in a  fast way to save money. Some jobs are very good and always funny.. haha over here we models must to learn some chinese words cause they don’t speak speak english, not an even a single word. Sometimes is hard or impossible the communication between us, but we have no choice. lol l ol

And that´s all folks! Thanks so much Eddie, my bud and to all World of Models family! You guys rock and watch for me. Lots of cool things coming soon!



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