Photographer Rafael Manson: “I don´t have any specific project, I just follow my instincts and let it flows! But one thing I have in mind is to open a modeling agency in the future”

21 jul, 2011

Hello World of models family, thanks for having me!

I´m so excited to share my story with you guys. I’m Rafael Manson, brazilian photographer 22 years and I was born in Goiania, Brazil. I´ve been working as a professional photographer for almost 3 years and I´ve been in love with fashion photography since I was a little child.

When I was 10, I started collecting pics of  fashion campaigns posted in mags, catalogs and when I turned 16 I started attending all shows and events here in my hometown. It allowed me to meet models, scouters, agents and then I was invited to shoot the Fashion Week´s backstages.

I think I´ve created my own style. You´ll always see sexy images and I was influenced by photographers like Steven Meisel, David LaChapelle, Terry Richardson, Mariano Vivanco.

Digital X Film and his very first day using a cam!

The digital era presents good but also not so good moments for photography. Now you can take a shoot and do necessary adjustments to get the best results at the same time!. This wasn´t possible when we had only the film some years ago and nowadays we face a very competive market where the customer demands the best result in a short period of time.

The downside: everyone turns a “photographer” with a dig cam, so you can imagine a tougher competition. We have to deal with some people that don´t have any knowledge about professional photographer nor they are involved with the fashion world!.

Although I´m still new on fashion photography, I lived the ultimate days of the analog cams. As a matter of fact, my very first cam was a Cannon professional analog that my aunt gave me. I´ve learned to shoot using this cam!

Rafael and his favorite models

Like any photographer, we have our favorite models. One of them has already been interviewed by World of Models here. He is Renato Freitas. When I saw him for the first time during a modeling course, I was sure that this guy would be a great model. I invited him for a shooting and the pics turned out great. I liked it so much that we began to shoot every week and he became one of my best friends. Each essay he surprised me more and I noticed that he was focused and used to hear my tips. He´s just arrived from Asia and he did such amazing fashion campaigns there.

Besides Renato Freitas, we have Pedro fernandez (Vogue Models), Matheus Nagel (Joy and Win-sp-Brazil), Thiago kings (
Scouting Models), Gustavo Zuccari, Ricardo Conde, sisters Lorraine and Larissa Arantes (Vogue Models), and Gustavo Krier (
L´team). I would take hours talking about them. They are really professionals, they are doing their best, they got atitude.

They are not just a pretty face. I´m so proud of them. They rock!!!!! I´m so proud of them, especially when I see their images spreading out into mags, blogs, fashion campaigns, runway shows, billboards. They rock!!!!! We are just like a teawwork, a real family.

Funny/unusual backstages moments

It always happens. I was shooting an editorial for JUNIOR mag with four models wearing their underwears and we were shooting in a forest, under a tree that had birds nest on its top. All of sudden we were attacked by some birds and the whole crew trying to protect themselves from this huge attack hahahahahah! Well, we looked for another place with no birds at all!!!

Another funny moment was when we were doing a shooting with male model from the Czech Republic. The photos were outdoors and the model were wearing a wedding dress. The location was near a football stadium, and it was a game day, so when I started to click, lots of people approached us and started to laugh on him. So, we had to stop the shooting and postpone it for another day.

Worldwide economic crisis on brazilian fashion business?

This worldwide economic crisis really didn´t affect the market of fashion photography. Campaigns, editorials are even bigger and better. The brands are increasingly investing in advertising. Just pick up a Vogue mag to get a sense of how they are doing great productions for catalogs with brazilian fashion photographers shooting models and celebrities. The stylist Sergio K invited Terry Richardson to shoot his recent campaign.

Cool places for a shooting

1- Atacama Desert: Incredible scenery, beautiful natural light, and I have several ideas in mind for a shooting someday in this magic place

2- The glass pyramid, outside the Louvre

3- The Bora Bora beach in Polynesia: The sea water is transparent. I want to do an editorial under the sea

4- Botanic Garden in Rio de Janeiro: I like a lot of monuments that have spread throughout the garden.

5- St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican: I am passionate about architecture and the Vatican would inspire me to do a great editorial.


Absolutely! The right click at the right time is self-explanatory.

An unforgettable moment

I´ve always followed model Bruce Machado´s career (he is always in fashion shows for Dior, McQueen, Versace). I´m his fan and one day I was invited to do an editorial with him. I was very happy and nervous at same time and some unexpected problems occurred with the team involved, but in the end the pics turned out great and some of these pics were published in such mportant modeling sites like Pics by Rafael Manson ohhhhhh yeahhhhh!!!!! Check out here folks!

The Projects

I don´t have any specific project, I just follow my instincts and let it flows! But one thing I have in mind is to open a modeling agency in the future. I also enjoy shooting new faces, and when I feel that he/she got potential, I encourage them to pursue a modeling career, giving them some important tips that will help their professional growth.


If you have a dream, go for it  after him and never give up. Success is just a result of your effort and dedication.


Thanks again World of Models family! Hope to meet you guys soon!


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