New faces rock, the series. Episode 75: Rafael Desimon

05 dez, 2013


Hi folks, I´m Rafael Desimon, 18 years old, born in Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil. My personal interest is being a worldwide known model.

Actually, I never thought about being a model. I was in a mall in my hometown, when a scouter approached me and invited me to do a test shooting.





I was a little bit shy but I think it was cool.



The best thing about modeling is to be able to meet many people and visit sucn unique places around the world.

Posing to photographers: watching some videos to get inspired

I like  when the photographedrs let us do what we know,  It’s kinda boring when they don’t let you ove or something.

I wouldn’t say I have any special preparation, but sometimes I watch some videos to get inspired.

I’ve never posed naked and I don’t think it would be easy that’s why I would consider a lot before doing any kind of naked picture.



Alexandre Herchcovitch


Joao Pimenta


The runway shows

I have been on some fashion shows during fashion week here in Brazil. I can’t remember any funny moment in the backstage, but I think it’s always cool to stay there.

The fashion industry

Women still rule this business, but, in my opinion, there will be a time when men will be as important as women are in this industry, since men are beginning to care more about their look.

Any role model as an inspiration for your career?

I admire Gisele and Candice Swanepoel, they’re gorgeous,




Rafael´s style: a fashionista?

I consider myself a metrosexual. I’m always worried about being well dressed, even before I become a model.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be awesome hahaha I would just give everyone attention and wouldn’t go away until everyone is satisfied in whatever they want.



Dating x Loving

Romantic and affectionate



I like watching soccer, but, when it comes to practicing, I prefer basketball

Atracting someone´s attention

My way to attract someone’s attention is being nice and friendly

Having fun, enjoying life

Going out with friends and doing stuff I like such as watching movies is the best way to have fun


Fav body part and why

I don’t have a favorite body part, but i like my eyes, they look nice in photos.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and what´s your super hero?

If I could choose one super power, it would be being able to manipulate people’s minds and my favorite superhero is Tony Stark.

Craziest thing in a summer season

The craziest thing I’ve ever done in a summer season was going out with people i met a few hours earlier


In his Iphone

The last music played was Grind with me by Pretty Ricky

Fav food

Pizza, I guess, don’t know for sure

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

I really don’t have a clue about what I would  be if i weren’t a model since i was still thinking about what to do in college when I started my career.

The next chapters

For now is keep doing good work as a model.


One of my main motto is “A mind that is open to new ideas never returns to its original size.” by Albert Einstein



 Mother agency is KeeMOD

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