Rafael Breier: “The exposure of the male model got a lot bigger in the last few years, that’s for sure, but female market still runs the business”

26 nov, 2017

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Hello everyone, my name is Rafael Breier, a brazilian model and I was born in the countryside in the south of Brazil, but I grew up not far from there in a bigger city called Novo Hamburgo.


At this moment I have been living in the Big Apple (New York City) for the last 6 years. My plans were to come here and stay for 3 years, but things went really well and I decided to stay. Now my plans are to get the best of this city while I am here.



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The summer is short here, so I try to be outside as much as I can. The beach is always a good option, only 1.30 hour on a train. The winter is perfect for snowboard, my second favorite sport, soccer is the first of course ;)

Modeling: how did all begin

 I never thought about been a professional model. I was almost finishing high school and my electrotechnical course when a model scouter ( Anselmo Camaleão) saw me in one of the biggest festival in Brazil. He said i had a great look and a good potential to become a model. I didn’t take him too serious. I even asked my self: Model ? No way … lol




Well , I ended up giving him my contact and he called my mom to schedule a photo shoot that same week without asking me. It went really good and things went fast. In a few weeks after that festival i had moved from the south of Brasil to São Paulo.

Then I saw the opportunity to travel around the world, what I always wanted to do. I think that’s the best thing about my job. Be able to travel and see other cultures, meet other people and learn other languages.

It was a great start, 6 months later i was in Milan (Italy) doing the fashion week for the most fashion designers inthe world.

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Posing to photographers



Every photographer is different. They all have their personal style and tricks. Just like the models lol But for sure some of them make you fell more comfortable and confident during a photo shoot. It’s like a connection you know. Some times you just don’t ‘click’ with the person, but you still have to do the job. The ones you ‘click’ with, the job goes a lot easier.


But what I like to do before a photo shoot is it take a look at the brand that I’ll be working with. The style they have, the costumes, what they are looking for and what they expect from me on set.

After all this years I still don’t fell totally comfortable been naked in front of the camera. Maybe one day, maybe not lol

Once I flew from NY to São Paulo for a job. There I had a Bahia´s connection flight (north of Brazil(. In the airport I met up with an old model friend of mine that i haven’t seen for years. We literally lost time talking and having some coffee that our plane was about to leave. The producer went crazy ( i don’t blame her) was inside of the airplane, and she managed some how to delay the take off in 20min. We made it, but the people’s face looking at us I will never forget, furious !!!The photoshot was for Riachuelo btw.

The runway shows

 Rafael Breier 86

Rafael Breier-Emporio Armani2

Being on a catwalk is a little different from the others model’s job. When you do an editorial for exemple, you don’t see the result until few months later in a magazine,but when you walk down the runway, you know this is your moment. Everyone is looking at you ( probably in the whole world on tv) ,So the first thing I think about is: DO NOT FALL!!! haha

 I’m thankful that I had the chance to walk for brands like: Giorgio Armani, Dolce&Gabbana , Ralph Lauren , Dsquared, Paul Smith , Calvin Klein ,Francesco Smalto, Vivienne Westwood ,Ellus,Ricardo Almeida, Colcci among others.

 They were all great shows and crazy different feelings, but nothing like the first time that I’ve stepped down the catwalk. On the very beginning of my career In São Paulo, before my first show I couldn’t focus on anything, I was just sweating because I didn’t know what was in the other side of the courting. But after the first step I just breathe and tried to keep walking straight!

Rafael Breier-Dsquared 

Funny and scary story about runways. Some times the models have to change many times (looks) and walk back to the stage. Usually the time to change is short, but this one time the show was a mess and there was no one ready to go back out with the new look. I was almost done and decided to go out, but in the middle of the runway I realized that one of my shoelace were untied :/ a second later I stepped on it , OMG! It felt like slow motion. My heart stopped for a second lol But some how I manage not to fall, I stumble hard!! Then I walked slowly until the end of the runway and turned to walk back.This time I made sure I didn’t sept on my showlance again :)

 Male models x Female models



The exposure of the male model got a lot bigger in the last few years, that’s for sure, but female market still runs the business. After all, they spend a lot more money taking care of themselves than men do. Clothes, make up, skin care … but I see things changing. Most of the men didn’t care about this kind of stuffs.

I didn’t know anything about models when I started,so my inspiration was my older models friends that I made at the time. I tried to collect the best advices from them and learning with the mistakes.

Favorite Model : that’s hard , Adriana Lima ( same name as my mother-in-law) definitely the sexiest !!!


Rafael Breier Ellus

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Rafael, a fashiohnista?

I wouldn’t say that I am a fashionista, but of course I follow same trends inspired on my own style. I would say that I am relaxed and discreet.

You will definitely see me wearing a pair off Vans shoes on my day off.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would probably ask who is Rafael Breier and laugh. A joke to start so I could buy some more time to think about it.

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Dating, Loving and Sports

I always liked to be with someone. ‘Life is much better when shared’

I’m very competitive, so any sport I’m in.

 Fav body partnd underwear

 I grew up playing soccer and ridding skateboard. So I would say my favorite body part are my calves, don’t ask me why.

I have two types of underwear. The new ones , and the old ones for sports lol

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Attracting someone´s attention and enjoying life

Eye contact always worked best for me to get get someone’s attention ;)

My style is easygoing, enjoying the simple moments in life. A coffee with friend, bbq with family, road trip. That’s how I like to take the best of life, having a good time with the people around me.

Craziest thing in a Summer time season

 I was going out to a date and I got a flat tire. It was like 40 Celsius in brazil(around 100 Fahrenheit ) and I had to change it. When I got to the place I was all dirty and sweat. I took me half hour to clean up in the bathroom hahaha


 Food and Music

Brazilian barbecue, for sure

 AC/DC – Rock N Roll Train

Guilty pleasure

 When I go home and my mom spoils me with all the good food that she makes.

 Superpowers and Superheroes

  Definitely fly! Batman is my favorite supper hero

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Favorite book lately

 A mente do seu cão (the mind of your dog ) helped me a lot to understand my little friend :)

 An unforgettable moment

 Four years a go ,my father’s successful surgery after been in the hospital for 40 days and losing 17kg.

Earliest childhood memory

First day I walked and dropped my moms flowers lol

 Yourself in 10 years

 Hope to be a father and have two kids in 10 years :)

Earliest childhood memory

 First day I walked and dropped my moms flowers lol


 Yourself in 10 years

 Hope to be a father and have two kids in 10 years :)

If you weren’t a model….

 , I would probably be an electrician today.

 Upcoming Projects

  Work hard to open a restaurant 


Rafael Luis Breier https://www.facebook.com/rafael.breier

34 years old

1.86m / 6’1

10.5 shoes


IMG New York Model agency http://www.imgmodels.com/

Interview by Ed, the brazilian blogger



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