Quincy Currie: “I am the most awkward person in dating. I get so shy and insecure. When I’m in love I’m this hopeless romantic”

04 set, 2013

My name is Quincy Currie and I’m 20 years old. I’m from a small villiage in the Netherlands called Papendrecht. Born and raised there.

I’m more a city boy but I loved growing up there. Knowing everyone and having your family close couldn’t ask for more. Next to modeling I love writing poems, storids and draw.  It keeps me pure. Those are things I can put my emotions in.

The modeling world: pretty boy shining on the cover of a magazine

I wanted to be a model from a really young age. I always had the dream to be this pretty boy shining on the cover of a magazine. I always thought that I couldn’t do that because I was really insecure when I was younger but, here I am. It as been a long road with a lot of dissapointment and rejection but I was  able to deal with that very well.

I’m not the type of person that if something fails I stop. Dreams never come easy and you have to work for it really hard. I think my coolest job was for the Tv show ”The Face” in the Netherlands. I did my first butt naked shoot with this golden gun before my manhood. I was so scared to get naked but I tried not  to think about it to much and do it.


Posing to photographers: connection, energy and life on the set

The connection you get with these talented people. I am very bubbly so when I come on set I always make jokes and try to make everyone feel comfortable. I’ve met models who are so quit and cocky and then I thought; ” I have to be in one room the entire day with this person?” You need energy and life on set.

The first time naked for the camera was so scary. I trust the people I work with and know that If I’m naked the will make it look good. I did my last naked photo a few months ago with the amazing talented Dale Grant. He asked me if I was comfortable being naked and before he finished his sentence I took my boxer off. Complaining is never a option for me. A body is just some skin. Everybody has it.

The unusual (funny) backstages´ moments

I did this french magazine shoot in Amsterdam and it was really warm outside. I was speedo’s and underwear and there was this bunch of gay guys walking by and I felt there eyes burning through my skin. So when I had to get dressed for my next outfit I said to the photographer that I didn’t mind getting dressed on the streets.

So I took my swimwear of behind a bridge and was standing there naked. I looked around if someone was behind me and all of the sudden I saw  this appartments with all these old people behind me and they were sitting on there balcony with as few my butt. I was so asshemed and I just walked back as
fast as I could.

The catwalks´ experiences

My first time on the runway was exciting. I had a lot of people there who I already new from jobs I did before, so it was all really relaxed in that way.  When I’m on the runway I just focus on the cameras at the end of the runway. Not to much thinking.

Male models and the female models into the fashion industry

I think woman definitly run the industry but that’s because woman can do so much. Fashion, Make-up, Hair, Beauty. I think being a male model is harder then a female model but hey, we don’t have to deliver a baby on this world so they can have this one haha.

Any inspiration as a role model?

My Best friend Laura Kampman really inspired me! She is so talented before the camera but also behind. I really look up to her and how calm she stays under  all the jobs she has.

Quincy, a fashionista?

I have so many different styles. Lately I have this Givenchy style. Really though and easy looking. Black and leather are running my closet right now. But just some ripped jeans, sneakers and a tanktop with a cap is also something you will see alot on me.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be blown away at first and think ” what? who? me?”. then I would get completly blank and cry I think haha. I have no idea what I would do.

Dating X Loving

I am the most awkward person in dating. I get so shy and insecure. When I’m in love I’m this hopeless romantic. Romantic beach walks, watching the stars,  dinner at candle light. That sort of stuff.


I’m only going to the gym a few times a month. When I have time I go like 5 times a week but there´s a times I don’t see a gym for months. My body always  stay the same so i’m really blessed with that.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

To fly. Freedom!

Who’s your favorite superhero?

x men Mystique. She can be anyone she wants. How cool would that be!

If you could have a super power what would it be?

That I could change in anyone I want

What is the dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say?

That they are modeling because they get more ”pussy” that way.

Atracting someone´s attention

Just being really nice.

Having fun, enjoying life

Doing stuff with the people I love. And going to the park with cheap wine with my friends.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

People don’t wanna read this.

Fav body part and why

The eyes. They show the soul.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein

In his IPOD

Lana del rey, The xx, S O H N, David Bowie, The joy formidable, The Script.

Fav food: Soup

Guilty pleasure

Gossip girl

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

PR for a Fashion brand

The Upcoming Projects

I have no idea whats next to be honest. Hopefully getting myself on the map in London and Milan!

An unforgettable moment

When I went to a shoot and I was running late so I got out of the cap and runned the last 500 meters and then my pants dropped and I was standing in my
underwear in the middle of the streets.

MottoFind love with your heart, not with your eyes.

Contact info: Fb page https://www.facebook.com/quincy.currie.5?fref=ts