Phil Tamney: “What I like most when working with a photographer is collaborating ideas and giving the photographer my all to make sure we get the best shots

09 jan, 2013

Thanks a lot! My name is Philip Crosson Tamney

I am 27, and I grew up in a town called Berwyn in Pennsylvania USA. I am in a rock band right now with my two best friends and we are called Decorated Civilians.

I play bass and sing in the band. Music is a huge passion of mine. If I am not  modeling, I am working on my music and writing or listening to get inspiration.

How did all begin

Well, I got into modeling kind of on a whim. I didn’t really decide to become a model, it just happened. It was about six months ago when I was scouted on the street by a girl in Philadelphia. She told me I needed to go and meet with here agency in Philadelphia. I was at first very hesitant about the entire situation. I wasn’t sure if it was really something that I wanted to do because my life was very comfortable. But, in the end I made the right decision to meet with them and from that I got signed with Colby Models in New York City.

Working with photographers: shooting nude in the middle of Manhatan!

My first test shoot was on the first day I went to New York. It was with Paul Reitz. It was hot as shit and I was sweating like a pig on a rooftop in the middle of Manhattan. It was so bad that I took off all my clothes and shot nude the entire time. It really surprised Paul that I was so willing being that he knew it was my first day in the city. Hahaha! It was really funny. I think that’s when I knew I was going to love modeling.

What I like most when working with a photographer is collaborating ideas and giving the photographer my all to make sure we get the best shots possible. I really don’t do much to prepare for poses. I just do what I can and try to feed off the energy of the space I’m working in and the photographers reactions. If I could be naked all the time I would but here in America it’s kinda frowned upon. Lol!

But in New York, nudity happens everywhere. So yes I love being naked and hanging out with as little clothes on as possible at all times.  I sometimes go to castings with full knowledge that in not wearing any underwear lol. And I’m always hoping that they ask me to strip down to my undies that I don’t have on and shock them just a little haha!

The catwalks experiences

This past summer was my first season for fashion week and it was so much fun! I walked for Bolongaro Trevor  at NOLCHA fashion week at Chelsea piers in NYC.

The amount of time that they spend on these shows completely amazed me. From the runway set up to the makeup and hair, it was all so extensive and exciting to me. Beautiful women are walking around and people are always asking if they can get you something like a tea or water or a snack. It’s kinda like going to a spa and then a make over at the same time lol. I also walked for Yirko by Yirko Sivirich from Peru which in turn got me an editorial in a South American magazine showcasing his clothing line. Really beautiful stuff and a really great man.

The best thing about modeling so far is probably the people I’ve met along the way. I have some really great friends and contacts

Male models x Female models: who rule the fashion industry?

That all depends on who you ask. I think these days you can’t have a woman in fashion without having a man complimenting her in a shot. I walk around the city and its always couples now in shot rather than just showing a man or woman.

I think men get the same attention as women do. Men attract women and the gay community and even guys who want to look like them and since image is such an important part of our daily lives although some might protest that idea, it is and will always be the first thing we see about someone. I think the guys like Channing Tatum and Ashton Kutcher are really great examples of where I want my career to go. They were models first and foremost and then had a chance to shine and that’s inspiring to me.   A fashionista?

Haha I don’t know about fashionista but I do love clothes. The only things I really own are clothes. I love the winter season for layering and showing off styles with jackets and pants but like I said I’m a less clothes the better kinda man and like to show skin.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If I had the time and that happened I would want to meet and shake each and every persons hand before leaving. I think it’s very important to let your fans know that you appreciate them and that they are important to you cause with out these people we are really nothing.

Show business, fame, success…

I have to say it not as easy people perceive it to be. It’s tough and there are times when it’s gets hard and tiring.

Dating X Loving

I’m a really casual guy and when I take someone out I like to make them feel comfortable and that my attention is solely on them. I’m not really dating cause I don’t have the time now but if I was I would like it to be hot and fun and full of sex lol


As of recent my love of sports hasn’t been there cause like I said my time is really devoted to modeling and music, but I do like soccer and hockey when hockey is actually played.

Atracting someone´s attention

I’m a walk right up and speak my mind kind of guy. I see someone attractive, I just have to let them know that I think they are and if they find me attractive then so be it haha

Having fun, enjoying life

I tend to go out in the lower east side NYC cause I have some friend that live down there. I used to go to clubs all the time and dance my ass off for hours but nowadays I’ve been hanging out with a small group of close friends including my roommates.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

I don’t know what pertains to being nasty but I do know crazy.

Fav body part and why?

You know which one… And you totally know why lol! But I do love a nice butt on a girl. It something nice to hold on to or give a pinch every once and awhile.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol!)

Hahahaha the whole time I’ve been saying that I don’t wear any underwear and here is this question. Lol

In his Ipod

I listen to just about everything. A lot of house music and rock music is what plays on my iPod but I love classical music as well as world themed music like French cafe music or Latin lounge music. I think all music is beautiful and I have yet to hear it so until them I just keep searching and listening to it.

Fav food

All time favorite is Indian. The spices make me feel like in high and euphoric and I commend the eastern world for using such amazing spices.

Guilty pleasure

I got to go nights at bars and don’t tell anyone. I dress in all black and hang out with the strangest yet nice people and listen to 80′s dark wave and early emo music. Like the Cure and Joy Division hahaha

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A lowly bartender living in Philadelphia with my band. nothing amazing. Quite depressing lol. Modeling opened so many doors for me and I’m never looking back

The Projects

I’m on hold to go to Milan, Turkey, And China for placement. I also have shoots in Dallas, Los Angeles, and other projects my agency is working on getting me.

An unforgettable moment

The first time I walked a runway show


Live in the now cause tomorrow may never come.

Full name: Philip Tamney Age: 27 Mother Agency: Colby Models