Greets from model Peter Noad!

18 dez, 2011

Big Cyber Group Hug to Eddie and the Family of World Of Models and to YOU! the viewers :)

I never wait for a new year to set new goals or to do new things. Next year is not promised, so therefore i continue to  work on my current goals and live for whats in the moment.

I just keep adding and expanding to what Ive already accomplished As I go along.

There are definitely some great things to happen, which im excited about, it may be a surprise to some, but my real friends and people who knows the real Peter already knows my capabilities. so i guess the rest of you….the viewers, readers admires will just have to wait and see whats Next. ;) (lol ).

 for now, you can visit my Tumblr page.  or just click on link >>(Peter Noad- tumblr) They’ll be updated news, pics, Vids, etc… ;)

Happy 2012- Everyone………….. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”–William Arthur Ward 

 be progressive, stay focus ;) have a grand 2012
<3 xo :)


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