Peter Noad: “Everyday of every moment is unforgettable. I cherish each day as it’s my last and make it worthwhile with lots of laughter”

10 dez, 2010

Season´s greets from Peter

First and foremost, let me take this time to send much love and a Special Thank You to Edward, and the family of World of models! Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit on my life as Model.“BIG HUG”















Peter Noad, 24, from a small town called Port Credit, Mississauga Ontario, I enjoy the outdoors, and going to the gym. I live next to the shore, so I love the great view of the lake and hanging out. I also enjoy quiet times lounging around home, or out with friends watching a movie, sipping on cocktails or playing music (I happen to be a music lover)


Modeling was never an interest of mine. It started with the encouragement of friends and outsiders, which influence my decision. I started in high school, when I was still at a crossroad; questioning whether it was something I really wanted to do. Three years ago I made the decision I would try a hand at modeling. I got discovered from an agent on Facebook under a
close friends page, whom at that time became my Mother agency.My first test shoot was a success; it was the first step in building my portfolio, Iwent on set and nailed every pose to perfection, leaving the photographer in awe.


(Thank GOD for those modeling shows t.v. shows) lol Best thing about modeling so far, is getting the freebies, traveling and same time learning more about the business.

The photographers and the runway´s experiences

I enjoy a photographer who gives great guidance and direction, someone with great energy. Before shooting I tend to do my work out warm up,Keeping my muscles tight, cut, and camera ready.

My actual projects: Fashion has no borders (F.H.N.B.) Fashion Cares, Top Model Canada Runway Mag, Driven Mag, Fantastic Mag, and Hudson’s bay are just to name a few.’ve had some great experiences walking for some well known brands: Calvin Klein, Strellson, Ed hardy, Guess, Just to name a few. Along with private show rooms I’ve done for buyers and retailers by Holts where I’ve modeled designs by Hermes, Gucci dolce & Gabanna, jean Paul Gautier and the list goes on.

“Soccer ball” exposed to a full room!

Funny backstage moment was in hair and makeup where we had to get in our outfits for show. For this show it was swimwear, the outfits were pretty skimpy swim trunks. One of the models unfortunately had a swim trunk that happened to be a tab bit too skimpy in this case there was a small wardrobe malfunction where this poor guy’s “soccer ball” was exposed to a full room of who now are his biggest fans lol… Hahah


  A fashionista?

I enjoy fashion. I always try to stay current but yet timeless. Some of my wardrobe preferences consist of skinny pants, military style boots, with tank tops (wife beaters) and fitted T’s. I would accessorize with a leather biker jacket complete with a pair of classic ray ban aviators.If that isn’t being a fashionista, then I’m rather clueless of what it is… (Lol)

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Being calm in this circumstance is always a good way to go. Acknowledgement and appreciating the love is best, always staying grounded.




Show biz, fame, success and 5 most important things for his life

The show business is a rather tough and challenging industry. But also good for those who play hard and wise. I think with everything in life just, as in this industry, you’ll need to find some kind of a balance where your personal, and business life does not become entwined, but knowing how to separate the two. At the end of the day, you’ll need to know when to exit from fantasy land back to reality.

Fame: Is obviously being or having a favorable public reputation, highly recognize for whatever acclaims or work done locally or universal. This can both have a good or bad affect, again finding a balance. Knowing my capabilities and my grounds I keep my limits and know the extents I would go. Success is not only having all the materialistic things of the world or having the financial stability, but as well knowing I’ve come to a place of comfort where I can look at myself and accept each of my flaws, loving myself regardless and not having to prove or make physical correction for ones pleasure.

5 most important things to me:

#1 GOD (spirituality): is having an inner peace, knowing there’s something far greater and powerful who controls everything and determines my destiny.

#2 Family: are the core, love, support, and guidance.

#3 Friends: loyalty, support, acceptance, appreciation.

#4 Music: Saving Grace, joy, fresh air, relaxation, and my temporary high.

# 5 Enjoyment: living and loving life, and appreciating the finer things. Life will become meaningless when you don’t enjoy and appreciate lt.

Human rights, Freedom of speech, Sexual behaviour

The world has evolved in many ways; they’ve always been the negative and the positive. We as humans pose a strong will power to do, and live according to what we feelis right, or we abdicate to the bad. But that’s the part of what makes us human, with many imperfections, though we strive to seek sanity, searching to find what makes us happy, In spite of all the atrocities. As an open minded individual, sensitive to others & their feelings, I try to maintain a positive outlook on life, people, and to be optimistic, accepting those for who they are, regardless.

Dating X Love: I hate to admit that I’m a hopeless romantic….(shhhhh …secret). Ok well I guess it’s not so much of a secret lol

Atracting someone´s attention: put my foot out and trip em :) lol on the polite side, making eye contact with a smile goes a long way.
Having fun: music, sipping on cocktails, with good friends partying somewhere tropical. I enjoy going to the beach, it’s where I get most of my fun. I also enjoy lounges, with great music, since I happen to be a music fanatic, it´s most pleasurable to me. That’s a “festive life” (lol)
Craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s ever done in a summer time season: The craziest thing I’ve ever done in a summer time = explicit contents,that cannot be exposed. (LOL)
Fav body part and why: too many to name, this is a hard call. If I really had to chose it would be the eyes. Can I say lips as well? Rrrrr…..I got a thing for lips
Fav undies for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments lol! CK, Armani, and Ralph Lauren, all the way
Fav singer/music: This is another hard call, I can’t express much more my love for music, and music for me is my saving grace, my heaven. I love all genres and enjoy listening to many styles of singing. I love and enjoy the timeless classics to
the now current and the tomorrow’s classics. R&b/neo-soul, pop/rock/alternative,dance/vocal house/jungle house and so much more…
Fav food: I don’t really have a favorite food, I’m kind of a health conscious type person, I happen to be choosy with my choice of foods, but I do have the random cravings for guilty pleasure foods.
An unforgettable moment: everyday of every moment is unforgettable. I cherish each day as it’s my last and make it worthwhile with lots of laughter and always giving thanks,being grateful to have moments like these.

The Upcoming projects

In the midst of working on a spread for DNA mag, and other great future projects, details cannot be released, but I will say to keep a look out!!

Motto: “Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.(b#@!h)

Full name: Peter Noad
Age: 24
Mother agency: Next Model Management  





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