Pete Furmato: “The best thing about modeling is all the free time to pursue my other many interests”.

13 mai, 2017


Waddup!? I’m from a small town of less than 1,500 people located on the Jersey Shore. I’m one of 6 kids, I’m a big baseball (Mets) and football (Jets) fan. Music is my #1. I began playing piano at 6 then stopped at 10 and took up guitar.

At 17 I began producing digitally, which I still do to this day. I also love acting, writing and conceptual art design.


Modeling: how did all begin




I never really decided to become a model it just happened. When I was 7 I did a campaign for Johnson & Johnson band aide and first aide kits. Then at 17 I was scouted while waiting tables and did a small shoot. It wasn’t until this past October that modeling took center stage of my career. I was discovered by being in someone else’s Snapchat video.

 The best thing about modeling is all the free time to pursue my other many interests.



Posing to photographers

I’m extremely comfortable in front of the camera, in fact I love it! I usually ask the photographer if he can play certain music then I get into the music, move around and tell them to just follow and snap away.

The catwalks experiences

I haven’t done much runway. I’m 6′ so I mostly do ECOM, showrooms and product shots. I’m in it for the money jobs! What’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard a Model say? Hahahaha I’ve heard so much dumb shit come out of some of these model’s mouths, I wouldn’t even know where to begin!






Who rule this business?

 Female models 100% rule the industry and I think it will always be that way. I honestly don’t have any inspirational male or female models I look up to. I don’t pay much attention to the industry. It’s a job, that’s all.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I’m still waiting for this one to happen lmao. Who knows how I’d react?…I don’t know, that’s for sure. I’m extremely unpredictable.




On show biz

 Show Business, like Broadway stuff? I don’t know much about it. The people I’ve met are always characters though, so we usually gel nicely.

Dating x Loving

 My dating/loving style has been nonexistent for some time now haha. I am very picky, and also very busy with all of my projects so it’s not the best recipe for a dating life at the moment.


Sports-baseball and football baby!


Superpowers and Superheroes

How do you know I don’t already have a super power :). My favorite super hero growing up was always Spider-Man.

 Enjoying life


I just love the beach, music, sports and my family and friends. I’m grateful for my extremely creative nature and talents.


I listen to a lot of deep house/ tech house/ progressive house-trance/ classic rock and classical music.

If u weren´t a model….

If I wasn’t I Model I’d be the same thing I am now “a creative” I do a lot of music production so that for sure would get more of my attention.




Pete Furmato/26/6′/160lbs/



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Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor