New faces rock, the series. Episode 83: Pedro Orioli

10 mai, 2014

Hi folks, my name is Pedro Orioli, I’m 16 years old. I was born in Vila Histórica de Mambucaba, a city located near Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil.






I work in a gym fitness center (that belongs to my family) and I am also starting a modeling career.

I always thought about becoming a model, but I only decided to pursue this  career, after my first photo shoot.

I was discovered by the photographer Raffael Silva (currently my booker) on facebook from a friend in common. He did the first photos that were made here in my hometown.

It was great to see my photos spreading out in the best Brazilian fashion blogs and in newspapers too. And I´m sure the best is yet to come!

The photographers

The coolest of a photographic essays is to see the end result. Before the photos I have no special preparation, I just try to stay relaxed.

One of the unusual moments that happened to me was during a photo shoot. We were in an abandoned water treatment station, when some guys came and they started swimming in a kind of water tank that was in this place.





The fashion industry: male models x female models

Women still rule the fashion industry, but we are doing our best to get more exposure for sure! Gisele Bundchen in the uppermodel, but Marlon Teixeira has benn a great inspiration for me. He has opened doors for us, so let´s rock!!!

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

It’s funny to imagine the public harassment in a situation like that. Having fans around me.  Truly I really don’t know how I´d handle it, but I’d try to meet everyone and go out quietly.

On show business -

The show business is crazy and a new world for me, but it is interesting. Having the opportunity to meet people and places we never ever imagined being able to know, It´s simply awesome!


Pedro 04.78

Pedro 12

Pedro 06



Sports : Surfing

If you could have one super power , what would it be? Your fav superhero

I’d love to fly and my fav super hero is the Incredible Hulk

The dumbest thing you ever heard about a model

That every model is dumb  (lol)

Your way of attracting someone’s attention

With my look

Having fun, enjoying life

Surfing is my best way to relax and enjoy myself , so the beach is one of my favorite place to be, and also being with my family.







Favorite body part: I like my eyes

In your Ipod: Jack jonhson . And “Crying shame” is my favorite song

Favorite food : Grilled chicken with salad.

If you weren´t a model u´d like to be….. A surfer

An unforgettable moment

The thrill of having been standing for the first time surfing a wave is something that I can hardly explain

Motto: “Nothing like a good day surfing will not cure.”


Pedro WOM

Mother Agency: Click Model Brazil

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