Pedro Ditkun: “In the underwear shows, everybody run in the backstages almost naked guys pay atenttion to the girls changing clothes lol”

10 mar, 2012

Hello everyone, I´m Pedro Ditkun, brazilian model and I was born in a small tow near to São Paulo.

I´m now having the opportunity to travel around the world meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Making good ontacts that will make a difference for my life in the future.

How did all begin

Somebody asked me to take some pictures and send to some agencies. In the beggining I didn´t believe that it would work it out, but then I started to visit some modeling agencies in São Paulo and that´s how it all began.


My first test shooting was terrible. I was too shy in front of the lens. I hardly moved a muscle in front of cam lol.

Working with photographers

Professionalism is the key. I like to have a previous talking to them so I can have a better idea about the shooting and what they have in mind. That´s my previous preparation before posing to them.

A funny thing happened when one photografer wanted to shoot my friend naked and he said no no no, but the photografer was anoying him so he hit the door and broke it. It was a funny moment lol lol

Male models x Female models

 I think male models are getting more and more exposure into the fashion but women still rule, after all, they are always gorgeous lol

The catwalks experiences

 I have walked for many fashion designers, mostly of them are cool. It´s funny in the underwear shows, everybody run in the backstages almost naked guys pay atenttion to the girls changing clothes lol

A fashionista?
Jeans and T shirt !

Imagine u a famous modelsurrounded by a huge crowd 

I´d just handle it as a normal situation. I´d take a pic with everyone, be happy and gentle who support my job.

Fame, success, most important things for his life….
I prefer success than fame.  You can´t be  famous without success but you can be  sucessful without  fame.

If I can choose some of the most important things for my life  I´d  like to stop violence and more love in the people´s heart

Dating X Loving

 I don´t have a specifc style, I  just follow my heart.  Oh, but I can not be stupid lol. I don´t have patience for stupid things, hmmm maybe sometimes yeah lol lol

Atracting someone´s attention
I don´t try atracting someone´s attention, maybe this is my way lol

Having fun, enjoying life

 Chilling out with my buddies,  going out to dance, listen good music ..but I have more fun when I´m in a cool place, drinking drink red wine.  This is one of my passions

Craziest thing in a summertime season

 I did sex on the beach in the day ight lol

Fav body part

My abs

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments lol!
CK for every moments

In his Ipod

 I like many singers, but Bebel Gilberto makes me reming me of Brazil, so I enjoy her a lot!

Fav food

I have tried many diferents kind of food but I can change all those ones for a special beef with mashed potato. I love it

The Projects

My actual big job is th new GH underwear campaign and some surprises coming soon. And  maybe I´ll  move to Canada to study cinema. Stay tuned folks!

An unforgettable moment

Sex on the beach again lol
Motto: True and love
Pedro Ditkun Silva
25 years old

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