Pedro Albuquerque: the brazilian model and his passion for the performing arts!

16 ago, 2011

Hello World of Models, family, I´m Pedro Albuquerque, 21 years old, a brazilian model and I was born in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil and I´m now living in Rio de Janeiro, taking acting classes to become a professional actor


The modeling early years

I decided to become a model in 2006. I was discovered in a modeling competition and my first test shooting was an editorial for a mall in my hometown.

The best thing about modelding is to be able to meet such different people and cool places around the world.

Working with the photographers

It´s all about learning and teamwork, so you can see the great results in every shooting.

A fashionista?

Nope, I´m just into the basics

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahahhah that would be funny, but in situations like that I´d try to find a way out asap!

Human rights, freedom of speech…

I believe in a world where people are free to express their opinions regardless gender or sexual behaviour

Show biz, fame, success…

I´ts a business like any other one. Fame and success are the result of a professional job! Most important things for me?

Happiness all the way!

Dating X Love




Atracting someone´s attention

Look into the beholder´s eyes

Having fun

I love to be with my family and my friends , and i ussually go to the beach

In his IPOD

Jack Jonhson

Fav food 



Full name: Pedro Augusto Mamede de Albuquerque Maranhão

Contact info: Unique Models

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