New faces rock, the series. Episode 97: Paulo dos Santos

24 set, 2015



Hello everyone! I’m Paulo Rodrigo dos Santos,  20 years old and I was born in Maceió, Brazil. When I was 5 years old I moved with my family to a very small city called Viamao. I grew up among school and church, since in Viamao there was not much to do, and during my spare time I used to take dance classes.




Dance is for sure one of my biggest passions, specially hip hop and contemporary dance.

When I was 18 I moved to Porto Alegre and I started working as a salesperson in a mall, where I had my first experience as a model, working as a vitrine boy.

When I turned 20, I went to São Paulo to visit my sister. We were walking on the streets when a man stopped us, asking me for which agency I worked for. I answered that I was not a model, he looked surprised, then he told me he had a showroom and I had the look  he needed. So he invited me to the casting and I got the job!

 During my first test shooting I felt relaxed because I always loved to be in front of camera since I was a child.

The best thing about modeling so far is working everyday in a different project getting in contact with very interesting people from all over the world.



Posing to Photographers 

What I like most is getting into the character. I like to use my dance ability to change character fast, so I can show my feelings to the camera.

Once I went to a job a location very far. I had to do just a few shots with one all white dress. The photographer was eating a cherry tomato just next to me while they were preparing the lights. You can imagine the rest of the story :) story 19



The runway shows 

My unique experience in catwalk took place in São Paulo  for a brand called SKS,  right before moving to Milan. The cool thing about backstage for me is how time flies so fast, and its funny to see so many people getting so crazy!

When I´m walking down the catwalk I just think about my dance teacher, who used to say, keep your head up, look straight and be confident.

Male models x Female models


Male exposure has grown, whoever I feel that women still rule this business. For me the best female model ever is Gisele Bundchen and the best male one is Marlon Teixeira, but I found a lot of inspiration in Lucky Smith.

 The dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

 The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a model say was when some guy asked me if in Brazil we were used to climb trees. I told him we swim around in lianas like Tarzan playing with monkeys!  

Paulo, a fashionista? 

 I like fashion, however I always catch myself with casual looks like jeans, sneakers and t-shirt most of the times.



 Just imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would be friendly, join the crowd, hug them and make selfies with everybody, thank them for their love and leave.

 On show business

I think it’s okay and I would enjoy to be part of a tv show.

 Loving x Dating

I have a soul mate


I love all kind of sports, skating is my favorite one


Superpowers and Super heroes

 Teletransportation and Goku is my fav super hero



Atracting someone´s attention

 By looking right into the other persons´ eyes like if I could see their soul.

Having fun, enjoying life

I go to the movies, parks, gym, dance, travel and music. I love to walk as well and also all kind of outside activities. I swim naked in the sea just to feel this cool sensation J

Fav body part and underwear

 My Abs.

CK, D&G and Diesel

Music and Food

Chris Brown. Hip hop, deep house



Nickname in school

Baiano was my nickname just because I was born in the north of Brazil.

Guilty Pleasure


If u weren´t a model, u´d like to be…

 A dancer




An unforgettable moment

The first time I ate an original italian gelato :)

 Yourself in 10 years

 I see my self living in my own apartment, working and traveling a lot.

 The Projects



My actual and upcoming projects are to work as a full time professional model around the world and I´ll do my best to reach this goal!

 Paulo Rodrigo


Age: 21 Height: 1,88 Weight: 80 Shoe size: 11

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 Pics by photographer Glauber Bassi

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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