Brazilian photographer Paula Klien: “My style could be defined as a mix of elegance, sophistication and audacity”

24 nov, 2010

The “carioca” Paula: Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Camila Akrans, just some of her influences on photography!

First, I would like to thank you for the invitation. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, the place I have always lived. I am married for almost 20 years and I have a 10-year-old boy. Before being a photographer, I have been through some other art experiences such as dance, music and visual arts.Working for some years in those areas, I realized something was missing.

Still looking for the best choice, I got interested in photography, not only as a way of catching moments but mainly as a way of constructing concepts, compositions, units and images. My style could be defined as a mix of elegance, sophistication and audacity. I have many influences and all of them are in the fashion segment. I love the work of Steven Maisel, Terry Richardson, Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Patrick Demarchelier, Camila Akrans,David Sims and so many others. People often say that I have much of Helmut Newton in my pictures. I think it’s true.

The digital era: a mixture of good equipment and knowledge of computer programs

I started already at the digital era. For sure, it made things easier and faster. The quality and technology can be achieved by having a good equipment and knowledge of computer programs.

It´s raining men!

The book It’s Raining Men came as a redemption with men, since in the year of 2007, my exhibition Gatos e Sapatos, an amusing satire of men, showed them always in humorously fragile situation. The main part of the casting was based on a group of men that I had already clicked for other jobs. Others were invited just accepted by trusting my work. Almost the whole project happened in a small studio exploring lights, colours and angles.

We had a lot of fun during the whole shooting. Some of Brazilian male models I photographed lately were Henrique Werneck, Edgar Mello,Fabio Delai, Daniel Broitman, David Chaloub, André Resende Anderson Dornelles, Diego Cristo, Carlo Porto and so much others. All of them, gorgeous!

Crisis on fashion brazilian photography?

I have been so much involved with my own projects that I don’t feel the crisis. Actually I have to choose the jobs I’ll be involved in order to give priority to my plans.

Shooting models and celebrities

I don’t pay much attention to diferences between those groups. My kind of approach depends mostly on the mood and the moment.

Special moments and the models: a cool partnership

It’s so easy to see when the picture happens. It’s just like “reaching the climax”. Concerning the models, the same way I help them, they help me to construct an image and to achieve my goals. It’s a very pleasant exchange.

An Unusual moment: the acrobatic pole dance!

I used to practice acrobatic pole dance until the beginning of this year and my pole was placed in my ex-studio. It was inevitable that models and artists would’t try it and also ask me to do something amasing on it. We used to joke saying: “this is not professional”

Top 5 cool favorite places for a shooting

Brazil, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil and Brazil…just because there are so many different options that allow me being always close to my family.


I have developed my aesthetic eyes and image is something very present in my life. But instead of using IMAGE I would say “GESTURE worth a THOUSAND WORDS”

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