New faces rock, the series. Episode 35: Patrick Bueno!

02 jan, 2012

Hello everyone, I´m Patrick Bueno, brazilian  model, 20 years old and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, worldwide known as “beautiful city”. 




I love the beach and sports. Nothing like a good day swimming  to renew our energies for this brand new and terrific year!



I´m also and actor and the best thing about modeling and acting is to be able to meet such different and cool people in every new work. Living and learning the cultures, life styles, these are such important aspects that this profession allow us to live all these experiences. 



Yup, it´s really cool working as a teamwork, the job just flows and you really don´t feel tired after long hours posing to the lens of a photographer and you also have lots of fun doing it. The result? Well, just see the editorial  Fitness Breath by the amazing professionals Naldo Miranda (photographer) and Hector Mandovani (stylist)

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Posed naked already?

I dont´t see any problem at all if it is a serious and professional proposal. I´ve already been invited to posed naked but I didn´t think that was the right moment to do it.

A fashionista?

I have my own style. Of course, I like to feel myself comfortable wearing good clothes but I don´t follow fashion trends.

Dating X Love

I´m a romantic guy and I hope to marry someday and have kids, but at this moment, I´m focusing on my modeling career

Show business, Fame, Success…

Of course, I really enjoy being recognized as a famous and professional model, but I think nowadays there´s a lack of humility on fashion world, after all, when someone approaches you and ask for an autograph or to take a pic, it shows their love and appreciation to your work. And I believe that we models must do their best to them.

Fame and success are the result of our efforts but like I told you before without a teamwork (good bookers, photographers, stylists, production, the media, agencies) you won´t be successfull in this business.

The Projects

I´m in Bombaim (India) now in my first international trip as a model and I´m very excited about the new projects coming to my way this year. I miss my family and friends but I´m sure no matter how far we are now, they´ll always support me and believe in my potential.

I also would like to thank Roberto Jabor from the Way Productions the Way Productions. A terrific professional and I had a real good time working with him too.

And here we go World of Models family. 2012, the best is yet to come!


Patrick Bueno


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