Pascal Bier on catwalk “Love running the catwalk. The rush, the energy and the chaos”

16 ago, 2015

Hi, I am Pascal, living close to Amsterdam in Holland when I am not traveling.





When I am not working I start my day at the gym to stay in shape and also for my mental being. Music, art, photography and fashion have always been a big part of my life so far…. oh I forget one thing… FOOD! Love it when its proper and made with love.

Loving to spent my days with nice and positive creative people to talk about what we all been up to and what motivate us in this life. To get inspired and being inspiring is the best feeling I know besides being in love.

Modeling: how did all begin

I always was impressed by the top models from the 90s. They were icons to me and still are… but modeling was never been my main goal. But that’s what I like about life sometimes you never now how it can change.

 I studied graphic design and I worked at a big ad agency as an art director and now hey I am modeling. In a strange way I like the road I travelled so far, not beiing common. Actually when I was working in the advertising industry I got scouted, but with those deadlines you know it will never been able to combine both careers. I tried and it worked out!


With modeling its nice to see different cultures, go to places you will never go or visit by yourself and working in a team to create something beautiful, It is always my biggest drive. Creating beautiful images is what its about.

Posing to photographers

Working with a good photographer always works good. Sometimes while posing you try something different or even share some ideas that  maybe work for the picture. But being a part of a bigger concept and like I said making nice images is still magic for me.


Love to work in a great team! When I do underwear shootings I like to eat very light in the morning like a protein bar and doing some stretching and push ups on the set to get toned for camera. For example when we were shooting for VICE it was my routine for every picture… stretch and pushups. Little bit flexing the muscles helps a lot on  the final result of the pictures.

I am very comfortable with my body and being nude is not a problem for me, but only when its done with great taste or in a fashion story, but full frontal is something else and I think a different industry… hahahaha.






The catwalks

Love running the catwalk. The rush, the energy and the chaos. Actually I am still a bit nervous with the castings for a fashion show. One time I got on the casting for a show, but I was a bit too late and the casting director said ‘Ah we were waiting for you give me your coat and bag!’ and the he opened a door and pushed me through it. There I was suddenly standing for 15 people still in a rush from the traveling to make it on time for the casting.


Ok I did my walk but then it was quiet and the man said ‘Can I see your book?’ and I ran out of the room because it was still in my bag outside. Got it, gave it to the man and thought ok I screwed it. But after a few days I got called by my agent and said you are booked and go to Paris. Sometimes it is so strange… you can never tell befeorehand if you got the job or not.

Male models x Female models

I think women still rule the business, but for me its not aproblem. I think 70% of this industry is for women the rest is for the males. I like Noah Mills, David Gandy, Sean O’Pry, Jon Kortarajena, Sam Webb and Jarrod Scott



A fashionisto? 

Not really, but yes I like fashion. Strong look and manly with a nice fit or fabric.

I love Missoni socks for the cool prints and fabric on my comme des garcons x converse sneakers… sound like a fashionisto huh ;) Normally when I have been working a lot I love to wear comfortable clothes like losse fit pants with a tank top or nice shirt. During colder evenings I like to wear cashmere sweaters. They are thin and warm and have a good feeling on your skin.

Imagine u a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

Sometimes it is hard. You need to be a though cookie to survive sometimes.

Its not so glamourous as most of the people think, but then again being part of it and being able to work with talented people makes it all good.






Dating x Loving

My style is not giving up before you try it. And if I say something I do it.


I am able to motivate myself and have good discipline. Going to the gym 6 days a week if possible is no problem for me. i love to work out, making the head and mind empty and working on the shape and condition of my body. Superpowers and Superheroes

To read peoples mind… or even better to cure illness in people´s heads.

Dont have a fav superhero, but the closest thing to that will be He-Man.

Enjoying the best of life

Being focused, surrounded by people you love, and share those precious moments with your love and friends. I am feeling blessed nowadays.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

I think it still has to come (or am I lying ;) )

Fav body part and underwear

My eyes. Green blue with dark hair. My parents are from Indonesia, Poland, Germany, France and Holland. Mix it, shake it, stir it and hey there is me!



Me and my Calvins

Earliest childhood memory and Nickname in school

Walking in the grass with my barefeet…. hmmm no nickname Pas I think.

Fav booking so far and why

Loved my GQ booking.

Food and Music

Sushi and Indonesian. like dim sum too! 

Burial, Moderat, Grimes, Haim, Lamb, Way out wets and the electronic stuff.

Guilty pleasure

Indonesian snacks



If you weren´t a model you´d be…

art director

An unforgettable moment

Too many to mention. Life is full of memories, but like to stay in the present.

Yourself in 10 years


Hard to tell like I said life can change, but right now I am happy the way it goes.

Being healthy with my loved ones, family,friends and hopefully achieved some of my goals in life.

Next Chapters


There are a few things running, but cant tell… dont want to jinx it ;)

Pascal Bier

188 cm

75 kg





De Boekers Amsterdam  

 Mega Model agency Hamburg

  Elite Model Stockholm

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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