Meet the photographer Pantelis, founder of Coitus mag

05 jan, 2014

Thank you for the kind words and it´s a pleasure to be featured on World of Models.




I was born and grew up in Cyprus, a very small island in the Mediterranean sea with around 700,000 population. After joining the Army, which is compulsory, I had to think what I wanted to do as a career. Some friends said  I would be good in graphic design and that is what I decided to study.

As part of the graphics course we had to use photography in order to accompany some of our projects. It was very simple photos but the fact that I had a camera and looking at photos in fashion magazines made me interested to try and see if I could do that kind of photography.





My main influence around that period was David Lachapelle. I did try to do his style with the big productions but I soon realized that with no budget this wasn’t possible. That’s when I saw the work of Terry Richardson, a photographer equally as accomplished but using the exact opposite style of simplicity. Photographers such as Steven Klein and Mario Testino were also inspirations. My style is a mixture of all those influences. Colorful, simple, bright, sexy.

The digital era: helping photographers to be noticed to a huge audience

I think the digital era is helping new photographers rather than established ones. To get noticed you need to create many photographs, show your style and put your work out there. Digital cameras and social media have helped so many photographers to create a huge amount of photos but also find audiences and get the attention online. One of them is myself.


The guy behind Coitus mag!


My main project at the moment is Coitus, the magazine. I am founder and editor of. It was launched 4 years ago and it keeps gaining strength every year. I contribute towards it as the editor, but also as a photographer, so it does take a lot of my time.

But I do try to work on other projects too. I would like to experiment and create more video work in 2014. Because of the magazine I have been working with a lot of male models. I do enjoy the energy they bring, and the carefree attitude they have. Many are now good friends of mine and that is the nicest thing about meeting new people.

Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion photography?

The fashion photography world couldn’t be exempt from the problems the whole world is facing. I do think fashion is one of the safest industries in the sense that people will always feel the need to buy clothes. For new and up coming artists things were never perfect as we all have to do a lot of free work to prove ourselves but the ones who stand out and go on to the next level will be able to enjoy financially safe careers.


The perfect moment making awesome pics

For me the perfect photo when you are photographing people is capturing their energy and personality.  I have seen models that I photographed in magazines and online before but I didn´t know them personally. When I got the chance to meet them, a lot of them have great personalities and the best thing to do is manage to capture that. That happens with how comfortable you make people feel at a photoshoot. As to how iI feel when I realize that a great photo was captured? Well usually by that time I will be alone going through the photos on my computer so it would probably be a smile.

Helping models to a new steps in their careers

That is one of the most satisfying feelings. I do get to know most of the models, a lot as new faces, well so when they do well I am happy for them. It´s not about if I helped or not. Great models will do well but sometimes they need someone to showcase how great they are, especially when they first begin in the industry. If that happens to me then great.






Funny backstages´ moments?

I always try and make the shoot fun so we always have music, food, make sure everyone is enjoying it and that makes the final results look good. 

Top 5 cool places for a shooting

Most of my photos are shot in front of simple backgrounds so it can be a wall in at my place to a wall in the center of London. IfI  had to list 5 places  I would say the studio is always great, the streets of Soho, my homeland of Cyprus because of the beautiful locations, Los Angeles even though I haven’t been yet it looks like the ideal place for me to photograph and my own place as so much was created there over the years.


images definItely can worth 1000 words. You can create images that people have so many opinions, interpretations and debates about and that’s what´s great about photography.





My motto is an expression i have heard recently but it’s something I have always followed as a person. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 

Next chapters 

For upcoming projects I will continue with the magazine. Hopefully make it bigger and expand in different areas. Would like to travel more and photograph beautiful landscapes so hopefully i get to come to Brazil as it’s such a beautiful and colorful country. 




Thank you for having me

Pantelis Prodromou
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