Pablo Morais: “Anyone can be famous for anything, but success means that you´ve reached your goals, and you feel so accomplished”.

16 jun, 2012



My name is Pablo Morais and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been modeling for 10 years. I started doing the Broksfield Junior Fashion Show in my hometown Goiânia, Brazil. All my family live there.

Pablo Morais at Suburbia, the new brazilian tv miniseries by Globo network

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I love art, I love to play bass and guitar, and I love to spend some time composing songs. I intend to get better in  everything I do.

How did he get discovered

I was doing Circus classes, and there was a model who gave me the card from her agency. So I went to the agency  and then they called mom asking her if I could do the fashion show.

My first shooting was with the photographer Michael Roberts and the model Alice Braga for Vanity Fair in Rio.

I’m living now in Miami. I’m trying to get in some theatre company here.

Working with photographers: posed naked already?

I really enjoy when I work with the photographers who like to interact with the models. It´s really cool when they express their ideas. I love when everyone claps after the last click, that means we did a great job.

Naked??? Only if it’s worth! hahaha

The catwalks experiences

I´ve already wakled for some cool fashion designers. The Fashion Rio for Blue Man was the best catwalk ever!

A fashionista?

People say that, but I just like to wear clothes that are customized by me. I like to cut and sew my clothes, and feel myself comfortable wearing them

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

I’ll let them take me away. hahahaa

Show biz, fame, success…

Show Business, it’s just work, the name already says. Fame and success are different things. Anyone can be famous for anything, but success means that you´ve reached your goals, and you feel so accomplished.

Most important things for his life

FRIENDS- they’re forever. The distance makes no difference. You’ll always be worried about them and wishing that they are happy. You can sacrifice your own happiness for them.

LOVE- we can’t live without it

CINEMA- every life is a movie

ART- aways shows us what we need to see

MOTHER- it’s unique

Love X Dating

LOVE- A very exciting thing inside your heart. You want to spend all your time with that person, because everything is better when you’re with her. It can make you strong and fragile. You can do anything for that person because love makes miracles. It’s the way that my girlfriend makes me feel


Rowing – I participated in many competitions in Rio de Janeiro. I like skating, running and swimming

Having fun, enjoying life

Always with my girlfriend (Agatha Moreira), She’s also a model and we’re living together in Miami. I like to go out and spend my time with her. I love to go to the beach and being in touch with nature, I think my country is the perfect place for that.

And I always have fun playing guitar.

In his Ipod

I love Bob Dylan, The Doors, Nirvana, Seu Jorge, Chico Buarque, Caetano Velozo, Cazuza… And my favorite singer is me! hahahaha

With photographer Bruce Weber

Fav food

I like fruits, watermelon is my favorite one. And I LOVE rice and beans, I’m brazilian and I can’t live without that.

Upcoming projects

I’m planning to stay in the USA working as a model and studying theater. And then go back to Brazil and keep working on it.

My mother agency is 40 Graus Models in Rio de Janeiro city where I usually live.

Thanks you so much for having me World of Models family. A big hug!!!

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