Model Onike “Catwalks backstage are usually mellow for me even with the craziness that goes on”

18 dez, 2010

Hello everyone, I´m Onike and I was born in New York City of Nigerian parents but we all resided in Ivory Coast. I’m a Gemini that shares the same birthday as Naomi Campbell. I speak English and French, fluently and I’m trying to work my way to Spanish and a little Portuguese (my friends and I are planning on going to Brazil for carnival).


I love keeping myself busy,love dancing, love having my quiet times, love a good amount of privacy. Some people have described me as a

 loner, although I can see why sometimes. I’m shy and quiet but can also be loud and crazy (I think that’s the Gemini part). In terms of interests, they change constantly because I get bored very easily.

Her dream was to become a choreogrpher or a back-up dancer

Ever since I was a child in middle school, I would write my name down for the Barbizon Modeling School they advertised in the ads in magazines although my dream was to become a choreographer or a back-up dancer. Unfortunately, I wasn’t discovered. I attended open calls, got rejected a lot, shopped myself around, and did a lot of networking and research… and now I’m a model. My first test shoot was actually horrible. It was quickly done, and I hope the pictures don’t resurface ever.



The best thing about modeling is the end result. For some reason the work that goes in it whether it is runway, catalog, commercial is just not as fun I noticed and it is tiring also, but the end results just makes it all worth it.

Music in the background

Every photographer has its style. I love working with photographers that use music in the background. I love shooting when
it’s just me and the photographer (it makes me less shy). I do usually prepare some poses in at home but then I forget everything when it comes time to shoot. So I know how to do it after I’m dressed, made up. I look at myself in the mirror and feel the outfit then I perform. It would be awesome if the photographers could have mirrors behind them.

The catwalks, the diva word and disappearing from that spot!

Catwalks backstage are usually mellow for me even with the craziness that goes on. I’m not really the chat box nor do I pay much attention to what other people do. I stay a lot to myself unless I know the other models. But I come do what I have to do and leave. Sorry no interesting stories from me. But I’ve walked for Susan Hammer.


Fashionista… hmm that sounds like a diva word. No I like comfy clothes. I’ve actually started dressing better being a model
especially during the summer. In the winter, I just wear enough to cover up and lots of leggings. I think I actually dress better at home.

Me, a famous model in the middle of a crowd?! I would smile, be as cool as possible and at the same time try to
disappear from that spot. QUICK! 


Human Rights, Freedom of speech, Sex behavior

I found out that I was passionate about human rights and gender issues (not particularly with women but men) in college. How we need to reinstruct men how to be men and shift a lot of the new responsibilities of being an independent women back to them, so they can grow up. Because as much as it’s great being an independent women (as I consider myself an independent), it is gets very lonely. Someone told me that” no man was an island” and it’s true. In terms of war and freedom of speech, it’s a delicate issue (just like religion) because it’s politics and I don’t get involved in that.



Show biz, Success, Fame and 5 most important things for her life

I think the show business forces people to stay in shape (which is great) and that’s how I choose to see it. Fame and success also a means to influence in a positive way and to keep your life in track. I don’t see how people go about doing crazy things. With all the scrutinizing, I would think that they would be one of the holiest people on earth, but I guess we are all curious human beings who need a good amount of space. So I don’t blame the ones that experiment but grow out off it. 5 important things for my life are Respect, Laughter, Peace, Success but Love is the most important. I think with love you
just can’t go wrong even if people don’t like you they really don’t have anything to base that hate on.



Dating X Love: Fitted. Mostly jeans
Sports: tight on top and loose on the bottom (I look like I play basketball)
Attracting someone´s attention: I guess it’s  how your clothes contour your body but then that’s probably not the type of attention you want.
Having fun: for me would be the nightlife. But to enjoy the best of life would be on a day at my apartment listening to sad or mellow songs, sing out loud to myself or digest the lyrics: Just doing nothing.
The craziest (nastiest?) thing she´s ever done in a summer time season: I won’t give details but it was in a portable toilet. I know gross… lol
Fav body part and why! my lips and eyes. They are my fav because everyone compliments me on them.
Fav singer and which music he listens in her IPOD: I don’t have a favorite my taste changes all the time depending on my mood but I would probably go with Jennifer Lopez now, not because of her voice but of what she embodies and the multiple facets she’s in and accomplishes. I don’t have an IPOD, but my tastes ranges from African music (mostly Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa and the Congo), R&B,Pop (usually for photoshoots), the 70s, Hip Hop, Zouk, Soca, Reggae
and Dancehall. And minimal Spanish music and Rap/Hip Hop. I guess I should say anything but hard metal.
Fav food: my mom makes this okra soup that I must eat anytime I go visit her. I eventually asked her to teach me how to make but it doesn’t taste like hers … yet


 Upcoming Projects

Well, I am doing fashion week. And I am just waiting for the next casting or/and paying jobs. More traveling. I’m considering going back to school and quitting my night job. So much is going through my mind.

An unforgettable moment: Fashion Week in Milan. Best vacation ever. I wasn’t one of the models but my friend and I had so much fun!!!

When you´ll come to my world? Well I possibly will be in Brazil during the month of carnival. I think in Feb or March. Either way, I have to make my way there before I die.

Motto: NO DRAMA!

Thank you for the interview!



Contact info: Colby Models