Photographer Omar Macchiavelli: “image Worth a billion words!”

19 ago, 2011

Obrigado my dear. I studied cinema at university, address multimedia technologies.

I have visited many countries growing my passion for photography and reportage.since I was 18 years I worked in the fashion business and I started to experiment with fashion photography with friends who worked with me.

I’ve always considered photography as a vehicle of emotion. lights, subject, focus. These are important elements, but the most important thing I think is the finger. I m what I do, my parents have been the biggest influence.

The digital age x Film

The digital age has certainly helped people to approach photography. Everybody should know the story of the film and their great artist, so go and check out on your iPad or Laptop :). I´m a right supporter of the digital photography. The use of programs for photo editing has opened new frontiers of communication,and new artists´ born, but as in every area, only the talent people will go on. Basquiat would be a great artist even using a pen tablet.

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The special moments and working with the models: mutual help and a simple relationship

the special moment is a conseguence, doesn’t happen by chance. The energy between stylist, makeup, models, editor,,,we know also when we are near to this. There is often a moment of silence,hold breath, then, just a smile.

Fortunately, I’m taking pictures of the best guys and girls around. Unlike what you may think, most of them are people very easy, and it’s always nice to see them move with professionalism in front of the camera. C’mon they know they are cool, the fun is make them cooler! Have fun in a shooting is the secret.

It’s a mutual help.and I feel good. For me, the most important thing is to establish a simple relationship ” pictures we are doin’ maybe can do many things, we wanna do our best?. I do not see differences when I shoot a celebrity or my neiighborhood. Camera neither.

Funny/unusual backstages moments

I live with my love since 3 years. She’s totally out of fashion and in my heart. The first time she slept with me she woke up with the beep of the flash. I was shooting a half-naked girl on the couch. I saw her walk out the door and I have not seen her for a week. Now, everything is ok.

Top cool places for a shooting

Wild nature
Almost every corner in Paris
Vegas in the night
Pretty much love the seaside
A white wall


Worth a billion words!

Crisis on fashion photography?

The market for fashion photography will be more selective. There will be more atention for the real talent and the new artist.

The upcoming projects

Well,  I´m working a lot with some great mag of London and NY, .but I´ll keep it secret.

Motto: “Fortune favours the brave”.

When you´ll come to my world?

I spent 3 months in Brazil, from Bahia to Rio and down to São Paulo and Santa Catarina, backpack on shoulder and camera.
Love Brazil!

People I knew and what I did in recent years had changed something in my career and alot in my life.

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