Nuno Bacelar, the man behind Global Models Management!

20 jan, 2012

I m portuguese, 41 years old, and of course, my main interest is the fashion world.

I started my own business 9 years ago when I decided to open a modeling agency in Portugal, then in Madrid and now in Milan.

I have also representative offices for the international market in Brazil and Turkey. Hopefully in the end of 2012 I intend to open an agency in Paris and in Brazil too.

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The fashion world: glamorous?

It should be glamorous, but it is a business and should be take like that. But I think that some models make mistakes because they think their job are related to glamorous parties that are organized by the brands clients.

The new generation of models: what do we can expect about them?

The new generation of female and male models have a good and solid market to work´. Crisis can exist but the top brands have always their clients and walk beside of crisis.

And talking about crisis…..

Crisis doesn´t affect so much the fashion industry. The big and famous brands have their clients. I think this worldwide economic crisis might affect the publicity business or even small brands.

IN and OUT on fashion trends

The use of muted colors and classic cuts is really cool, the most important thing about being “in” is to know and respect the “dress code” for different occasions.


Working with the models, the key of the success

I feel more than happy when I see a model working as real professional, doing his/her best to achieve great results. It´s hard work, 100% dedication, humility, focus and not to be only a part-time model. Make it happen and never ever give up.

Model should understand that their image is a product, and always should have careful with that, even if they go to a supermarket. Should respect and be faithful to the agency who represent them.





An unforgettable moment

A dinner in Madrid, going out in Milan and after that, a breakfast in Paris


” Life is too short for not travel in first class”


 Global Models Management