Meet the models from Dragonfly agency. Episode 2: Noah Bewley

04 out, 2015


Hi, I’m Noah Bewley, 22 years old

I like to play sports, travel the world, hang out with friends & family, eat good food, love music & good movies ( Dog Lover )



I come from a small town on the central coast of California called Arroyo Grande

I’m an all around guy who gets along with everyone, unless I don’t like you :-) I’m attracted to exotic women & love a good IPA ( beer )

 Modeling was never something I grew up wanting to become. I always saw myself doing something else when I was young. At the age of 14 I went to my sisters photoshoot, the photographer liked my look and took a few snaps of me.

It all started for me when I landed with my first agency, Jet Set in San Diego. My first project was with Adidas in LA at the age of 14.

The best thing about modeling for me so far is the traveling I am fortunate enough to do at my age. It’s taken me around the world.




Posing to photographers: feeling confident

When I work with a photographer, the more comfortable I am the better, but I’m pretty much able to take good photos with whoever.

I don’t really have a preparation, sometimes I will get a little goofy to let the nerves flow out in between some photos.

 This one time backstage for John Varvatos, we were all acting like fools in the line up for people with cameras taking pictures of us.

The runway shows

 - My experiences with runway shows have been great, I always meet the coolest people backstage.

The few biggest shows I have done would be John Varvatos and Carolina Herrera

When I’m on the runway I usually try to zone out and act like I’m walking down the street listening to my favorite song.




Male models x Female models 

 I give props to the women, I mean I wish female and male models made the same amount of wages, but then that would require me to throw heels on and I’ll leave that to the females. Bottom line more people want to see a girl in a bikini, let’s be real.

 As I see successful male super models, it only makes me want to do better for myself. There’s not really a male super model I look up to or that helped me spark interest in wanting to become a mode.

Noah´s style: a fashionista?

 Am I a fashionista ? Nah not really, I’m not really a big name brand guy outside of modeling. For me simply it’s a nice pair of white Stan Smiths on my feet, skinny jeans & a cool shirt.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would say everything you heard is true about me, shake hands, say thank you and walk away. Haha. I don’t know what I would do until it actually were to happen to me.

On show biz

  Show biz is cool, I actually one day would love to have my very own clothing line.






Dating x Loving

Right now, I think love is a good thing if it comes in the right doses from the right person. Nobody wants to be lonely.

Superpowers and Super heroes

Flying for sure

Iron Man

Having fun, enjoying life

 , I prefer warm water, good food and good company, somewhere tropical, waterfalls and sand. Places you will never forget you have visited, those are my favorite.

Music and Food

 My favorite singer ? Man that’s tuff, I love music. You’ll catch me listening to Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Tame Impala & Odesza. Always up for a great song though.

My favorite food is probably a good carniasada burrito.

Fav body part and why

It would probably be my hands, a lot gets done with these bad boys.



Nickname in school and earliest childhood memory

 The earliest childhood memory of mine is living right across the street from my cousin, we grew up together.

My nickname in school didn’t come till later, my best friend calls me beuler

Yourself in 10 years



 I see myself hopefully with what I imagine now for myself to be accomplished in 10 years. (Living a great life)

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

 I would still be dong something creative

An unforgettable moment

  Graduating high school.

Next chapters

  I’m in LA right now, and upcoming events have me traveling to Chicago for working.



Allow your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

When u willI come to my world ?

 Well, I’m always down for an adventure :-)







Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor