Top Nicholas Lemons launches his premium men´s underwear line

03 mai, 2012

Hello my World of Models family, here I am again to share with u guys my exclusive interview with top and successful modelNicholas Lemons. After 10 years as the face of brands like D&G, Emporio and DSquared2, he is lauching a line of premium mens underwear. Nicholas he spent six months working on an organic bamboo cotton, as well as the particular stretch and fit – each style was fit on himself. It´s a new challenge as he is making the transition to designer.

So, be my guest, take your shoes off, enjoy the ride and there´s comes Nick!


Ed, the brazilian editor

I was born in Paducah Kentucky. I was raised in the country in the North West of the United States. It was a very beautiful place to be raised. Lots of fishing and hunting and beautiful lakes and rivers in every direction. I grew up going to school like anyone else and playing sports.

The first runway show at 15

When I was 15 I did my first runway show, it was thru Hefner Models. When I was 18, I was discovered in Idaho and given an opportunity to move to MIami to start a modeling career. After 6 months modeling and living in Miami, I shot my first photoshoot ever for Abercrombie & Fitch with famed photographer Bruce Weber. Soon after I signed with IMG Models in New York and moved to the big city to start a career in fashion.

The premium men´s underwear: one is for Brazil!

I started creating my brand Nick+Campbell 2 years ago. My goal was to create a premium men’s underwear and swimwear line with women’s soon to follow. I create everything on my own as well as resourcing and sales etc etc. I have completed my goals and am working on many more things soon to come!!!!

The underwear are amazing and you can read about them on my website I have 5 styles including one for Brazil!!! Yes I would love to do business in Brazil, its always been somewhere I have dreamed of visiting or living one day. I have buddies there that are in the business and actually I have been saving my back to get tattooed by a famous brazilian artist from São Paulo for about 5 years now.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to my world Nick!

I would love to travel to Brazil. I have actually worked throughout my career with mostly Brazilian models on campaign shoots for major brands funny enough. Everywhere is different wherever u might be modeling but I do have to say that fashion people tend to share the same kind of energy to a certain degree. I love traveling and experiencing all the different cultures and people that come with the fashion industry.

Female models in the fashion industry: they still rule!

Women will always rule the fashion industry. Its much harder to become a model now whether your a man or a woman because of the increasing number of models taken onto the increasing numbers of agency’s around the world and the decreasing of jobs because of economy issues globally.

The competition is tuff these days but in the fashion its a business in its own its all about who u know and what kind of management u have. Its also being in the right place at the right time and looking beautiful and healthy and ready to shoot!!! Thats what they pay you the big bucks for yah know!

Nick and his tatoos: his full body covered someday!

A lot of people have them in the fashion industry now days not a big deal. I have always loved my tattoos and they have never interfered with my work. I have always done campaign work, runway or editorial. I have a lot now though but at this point it doesn’t matter because I am not modeling anymore. I would love to have my whole body pretty much covered at one point.

IDK I am an artist and have always enjoyed getting tattooed. They take time and are expensive so little by little and one day I will be covered.

Fans around the world: his public and private life

Well, I don’t mind people reading about me at all. I find many people interesting myself. I am a people person and enjoy meeting new people all the time and hearing there story. I am a normal guy just like everyone else. I have worked very hard for every single thing I have accomplished in life.

I was raised with a strong work ethic so with that said I find it flattering when someone is interested in what I do because with all the modeling and the designing comes a ton of work so I would encourage anyone to give it a shot. Its not as easy as it all may see but hey who said life was easy right? I love all my fans and I am a fan of theres also!!! Like I said I am just like everyone else a hard working human being paying my bills and making the most out of life that I possibly can with the resources that I have.

Posed naked already?

I have posed nude for a shoot Olympian with Yu-Tsai. I don’t mind shooting nude it doesn’t bother me. I think the human anatomy is beautiful. I actually have something in-store for Nick+Campbell down the road that has a lot to do with that subject. I have a free mind and don’t limit myself when it comes to being creative so as long as its done tastefully then I give it a thumbs up.

The catwalks experiences

Always loved the catwalk. For me the shows are what its all about. If you haven’t walked on a catwalk u haven’t modeled. I loved traveling and hanging with all my friends and partying with the beautiful ladies and walking the catwalks for the talented and amazing designers during show week. What a great time that was and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Stylist.. I’ve worked with the best of them and am happy with where I left off at. Modeling has opened the doors for me to accomplish other goals in my life.

Show biz, fame, success and his 5 most important things

Show business is like anything else in life its a hustle. SO HUSTLE HARD! I think people that just view entertainment from a distance def think differently about the way it actually is. Everything always looks so glamorous on the outside but little do they know its not what it all seems to be. Thats why when I get creative I use my artistic talents to create instead of money-money-money.

 The 5 most important things in my life are CAREER-FAMILY-FRIENDS-HEALTH-GOD and the list goes on I couldn’t say whats the top 5 there are a lot of important aspects to life, each one holding a certain purpose at a certain time.

A fashionista?

I love to dress for the occasion. Its fun to be able to switch it up. If you’re asking what I wear around the house that’s simple- my luxurious underwear brand Nick+Campbell….These puppies make you feel like you are wearing nothing with the 100% bamboo cotton.

I also like sleeping in my all black sweatsuits and tank top. Believe it or not the Brazil Boxer Brief is perfect for girls to sleep in. So many of my girlfriends ask me for them all the time. They are definitely unisex because of the seamless cut and fit to both sex.

Even though I already have 5 styles of women’s panties designed and ready for production doesn’t mean that I don’t find it sexy when girls have on my mens line.

Imagine u a famous model (as a matter of fact u really are!) surrounded by a huge crowd

I would probably just go with the flow. Its crazy to think of a situation like this. If people are giving you praise and love I say go with it but in a humble manner knowing that you are lucky to be acknowledged & loved by so many. Seems like a very uplifting experience!!.

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