Nélson Ribeiro: the portuguese model is back to World of Models family!

22 nov, 2010

Hello World of Models, it´s so nice to be back again to share with all the family some updates on my modeling career! I signed with Wilhelmina modeling agency and I´m really happy to be part of this fantastic professional team. Since our last interview, I did Perry Ellis, posed for a underwear brand from South America, a CQ editorial and also I participated in some episodes for a soap opera in Portugal. Soon I´ll be in Milan, represented by Fashion Models Management.

The former soccer player, now a terrific model!

If the soccer career helped me as a model? Hmmmmmm, I don´t know. During my soccer years I had my nose broke twice hahahah, butno doubts there are some similarities between these 2 careers. For example, the public´s recognition when you are a soccer player, the same way when happens when you are a top model. As a soccer player, you have to train daily, in other words, phisical exercises as you have in modeling. I always take good care of my body, always had fun doing that. Healthy habits and a balanced diet means a lot to me! For a soccer player there is no need to muscle mass in the upper body (chest, for example). As for the model is really important to have a balance, a perfect simetry in your whole body.

Show biz, Fame, Success and the most important things for his life
The show biz is definitely glamorous. The fame and success are the result of the quality of our work, although today there is fame without success, but the combination of these components will be the same as saying “mission accomplished”. Everyone is looking for this achievement in our personal/professional lives.

Most important things for my life? Hmmm, I don´t wnat to be “cliché” but I think it´s impossible to choose the most important things for my life , Everything is important, the small things have their importance in my life. I´ve been travelling a lot and moments like that I really miss my families and friends. I remember the cool moments I´m with them, having fun. When we are with them daily, we sometimes don´t give much importance cause they are so close to us, but when we have to go abroad, we miss them so much!

Imagine u a famous model surronded by a huge crowd!
I think that I´d act as a magician suddendly I´d disapear hahahah. Now, seriously, i´d treat them all with attention, respect and sympathy.
Nélson Ribeiro, a sexy guy?

Hmmm, that´s quite a complicated question! lol. Some people say yes and I think I agree with them with no false modesty hahahahah. But I think that my fav body part is my brain. It´s so cool to suprise people. I still don´t understand why some people still have some prejudices about a guy/girl being a model and their intelligences. Both must walk together!!
Campaign for Neiman Marcus, a cool season in Milan and then New York folks!

Contact info:
Wilhelmina http://www.wilhelmina.com/
Fashion Models Management http://www.fashionmodel.it/