Meet Naoumie Ekiko from Q Management!

06 jul, 2011

From Cameroon, Africa there comes Naoumie! 



I was born in Cameroon, Africa! I love singing, dancing, hanging out with friends.

Q Management, met the bookers, got signed!

To stop listening the music while you watch the video, just click on the stop button, located right below the page in Radio on line

I went to Q Management and on that very same day I met the bookers and got signed! We took polaroids and I felt like I was dreaming. It was a dream come true!

 A kiss on their cheeks!

At the end of a shoot I always end up with lots of make up on so there was one job I had a very red lip on mine, so after the shoot, I decided to say goodbye to everyone with a kiss on their cheeks. My signature so to speak!



A fashionista?

My typical outfit will be jeans, and a t-shirt but I accessorize with some glasses and a nice shade of red lips!

Naoumie on

Date X love: One person at time!

Sports: Volleyball, soccer, basketball

Atracting someone´s attention: Smile !

Fav food: Thai

Contact info: Q Management