Photographer Naldo Miranda: “There are no words to describe such amazing moments when we click that special pic. It can be a smile, a special touch, a gesture, happiness, a tear”

14 nov, 2011

Hello everyone, I’m Naldo Miranda, 32 years old.


I was born in João Camara, a smal town located in northern of Brazil, near the city of Natal (our state capital). Since I was a child I´ve been in love with photography.

When I turned 14 my dad gave me my first camera and since then I´ve been working with this amazing world of images and expressing my ideas and creativity

I define my work as a unique style with influences focused on fashion, that´s being renewed every day and make us want to to unlock its secrets. I love the work of JR Duran and Mario Testino, they simply rock and they always inspire me a lot!

The special moments make perfect pics?

There are no words to describe such amazing moments when we click that special pic. It can be a smile, a special touch, a gesture, happiness, a tear….they speak for themselves, they just come naturally!

Working with the models: a cool partnership

I feel real happy for helping models in their careers through my job as a fashion photographer. And it´s just the beginning for their careers cause there are a whole world just waiting for them!

The behind of scenes moments: funny, ususual….

It always happens some unusual moments, but the most important thing are the positive vibes that surround us and give us a cool inspiration to do our best. And inspirations come along with the criativity when we have to handle with a sudden rain the exactly moment I start to shoot, a broken shoe, a torn dress.

Crisis on fashion photography?

The worldwide economic crisis affects the fashion photography. Hopefully it will get better the coming years and this market will grow even more for a brand generation of new talents of photography.

Top cool places for a shooting

Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) for the amazing diversity we have in this place
Corcovado (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) for the incredible view from the top
Coliseum (Rome) for it´s history
Louvre (Paris) for the perfect architecture
Potengir river (Natal – Brazil), blessed Nature, incredible location

I also love to shoot places like old abandoned buildings, houses and mixture with the new and modern architecture.

The digital era helping out the photographers

Certainly, the digital era has become much easier for photographers´ work, because we can manipulate the photos, put them on a website, social network and spread it out, here, there, everywhere!

Image worth a thousand words?

Yup yup. Images can can bring out very intense emotions, they can make you cry, smile, they are able to speak for itself.

The Projects

My current project is to work more and more on fashion photography. Recently I photographed the models Patrick Braun, Hector Mandovani, Patrick Bueno and actresses Brendha Haddad and Cinara Lea, just to name a few.

An unforgettable moment

In Rome, Milan and Paris when I was doing photojournalism and I had the opportunity to feel and shoot such unique natural beauties as well as  street beggars, places, people.

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And that´s all folks! Thanks for having me!

Take care

Naldo Miranda

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