New faces rock, the series. Episode 45: Nacho Yanes

31 mar, 2012


Hello World of Models family, it´s a pleasure to share my story with u guys.


I’m from Madrid, Spain, 23 years old, I’m studying business and love the sports I play soccer with my buddies and I love swimming, running and also I go to the gym!

I became a model a year ago. I made myself a book and sent it over to an agency, they started calling me for castings and jobs.  I got signed by a modeling agency in Milán and I´ve been living in the city of fashion, meeting some incredible people!

Previous preparation before the shooting

I always take good care of my body and a good night sleeping

Shooting naked already?

I´ve been posing posed naked in the street with many people looking. In the beginning you feel a little bit ashamed but as time goes,I feel no shame at all!



The catwalks experiences

I´ve walked for fashion designers in Spain. It is an incredible moment! In the backstages there are always stress, a huge adrenalin but also a very cool moments.

Female Models: much more opportunities in the fashion world

I think that  the female models have many opportunities and more work than the male models.  It is very difficult to be a great male model, The girls are more recognized and have more jobs, but I believe that things will get better for us.


A fashionista?

I lije to wear comfortable clothes. I enjoy the fashion style of some famous guys like Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake.

Fame, Success…

If I were a famous guy, I believe that  I´d be the same guy as I used to be before being famous. My good old buddies and people would keep talking to me like they used to do before,  so nothing will change my way.




 Sum41 and all kinds of musics in my Ipod 

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol)

I love D&G and CK



Living today. I don´t think about the future

Mother Agency: Beatrice models Milan

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My videobook 


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