New faces rock, the series. Episode 40: Murillo Ritton

10 fev, 2012

Modeling, having fun working with photographers, catwalks, fame, success, abs….There comes Murillo!

Hello everyone, my name is Murillo Ritton. I was born in São Paulo Brazil.

I started my modeling career when I was 20. I always thought about becoming a model., It´s a very cool career and now

I´m getting ready for my first modeling international trip. Can´t wait folks!

Yup, everybody always used to tell me I had “the look” so I here I am doing some cool jobs and I intend to become a top model.

Working with photographers? Hmmm, I usually have lots of fun when the photographers make you feel comfortable and confident.
Before every shooting, I make faces and stretch the muscles to be able to relax.

Women still rule this business but I´ve been noticing that male models have doing great into the fashion world.

Concerning the catwalks, I did a few shows. I´ve walked for Ricardo Almeida. As a matter of fact it was my first catwalk experience.

I like to follow the fashion trends and I enjoy wearing black clothes

If I were a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd, I´d try to relax, calm down and give everyone´s attention.

Fame and success deserve a lot of responsibility. Work hard with professionalism in order to be achieved and accomplished!

Abs, my favorite body part!

In my Ipod: rock and electronic music

I have fun and enjoy life going to snack bars and going to the movie theater

My motto Faith in GOD always


Murillo Ritton
Mother agency: Daphne Agency