New faces rock, the series. Episode 77: Moses Gurman

30 jan, 2014

I’m from Seabrook, Maryland which I suppose is technically the south but only geographically. I grew up in a very science oriented family; both my parents work for NASA and my older brother and I both went to a Science & Technology High School.


I grew up loving music, I used to be a competitive Fencer, I rock climb, and I split my Modeling time with acting and stage combat choreography. Gun to my head, acting is my single favorite thing in the world.


I didn’t so much decide to be a model as I had model-dom thrust upon me. I was acting regularly and several different people started telling me I should go to an open call or two, so I was starting to consider it and make plans. Then, one fateful night (at 3am) I was walking through Herald Square with an old friend and my agent came around a corner and stopped me.


The next day, I had signed a contract and here I am!!! My first test shoot was with a great photographer named Zak Krevitt. Myself and a few other models were doing simple shots in Zak’s apartment and on his roof until Zak stopped and asked “Who’s willing to wear a dress?.” I was the first person to said I’d do it, and I got stripped down and put on this long mesh dress with a slit up the middle and some kaleidoscope glasses.

I lit a cigarette, acted like a diva, and ended up loving that shoot. Since then, everything’s been fairly tame for better or worse. I really enjoyed walking for Ron n’ Ron in the latest UCOF show since it was the first thing I’d gotten to do in a suit.


The best thing about modeling so far is meeting everyone and just generally experiencing a whole new world of art and aesthetic.

The acting experiences

I decided to become an actor mostly because I didn’t know what else I wanted to do. My uncle was an actor for a long long time and I’d done a little acting in high school so naturally it was the best idea for a life-long career. I auditioned for and was accepted to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and I haven’t looked back.

Everything backstage is funny. You’re always stressed about the show and about your lines and nobody wants to mess up. A couple of times I’ve taken a shot with my cast-mates before a show to calm our nerves and get us fired up.

When something goes wrong in a play, everything goes wrong, so you’re always hoping for the best. There’s a lot in common between acting and modeling; how your present yourself in an audition/casting, they’re both small and dedicated communities, and they both get a lot of press.


Modeling x Acting

I’d love to pursue them both for the rest of my life, but beauty fades sadly. I’m going to model my ass off for as long as I can and then solely focus on my acting career when I can’t model anymore. Currently I’m doing both and I’m enjoying every second of it!

Posing to Photographers: doing yoga to relax his body

When I work with a photographer, I like to have a rapport with them. If we start joking or talking, the creative juices start flowing and you get the best pictures, the truest emotion and a more unique image. Before going to a shoot, I do yoga to relax my body and focus my mind. It sounds corny but it works.


I’ve never yet posed nude, but I’ve had no problem galavanting around in my underwear. There was one time backstage at the Telfar show last F/W where all the models were passing around these very strange chia seed pudding cups and tasting them all. The stuff looked like sludge, was utterly tasteless, and had the consistency of a mashed up pomegranate. The best part of it all was seeing every single model make the most unattractive face imaginable when they tried it.

The catwalks



I haven’t had much backstage experience yet to be honest, I think the United Colors of Fashion was the biggest I’ve done. No matter what size or how famous the designer, I love the atmosphere. Once you get through hair and make-up, in the time before you walk, there’s this great electric feel from the designers and the make-up artists, hair stylists, and models. Everyone is excited to be doing what they’re doing.


I’ve currently worked for Telfar, Ron n’ Ron, Luke Magill, and Ugo Mozie. When I’m walking, I am focused on relaxing my body, and maybe a little “I’m the man” to keep my confidence up.

When I´m walking down the runway it´s Always comes to my mind  “Is this really happening? I am so fucking lucky.”

Male Models x Female Models

I think male models are definitely growing in exposure but we don’t have anywhere near the level of stardom that the female models can achieve. Our exposure seems generally confined to the industry itself, while the girls can become ubiquitous.

From Acting to Modeling I’ve been bitten by the bug. Guys and girls will always be treated differently, for better or for worse. As long as it’s a safe environment for everyone, and everyone has their own niche, things will keep working.

My modeling icons are Andrej Prejic, Mark Vanderloo, and Kate Moss. There are a few of my favorite actors that have done campaigns I really liked, Gary Oldman for Prada is my favorite.


Dumbest thing u´ve heard a model says

 “Smoking’s bad for your lungs. That’s why I smoke pot instead”

Moses´s stye: a fashionista?

I can’t say I’m a fashionista because I’m never caught up on trends but I know what always works and I know what not to wear. When I’m not working, I like to wear my leather jacket, a simple tee, some beat up jeans and my beat up converse. I love to wear suits though, nothing makes a guy classier, no matter their age.


Imagine u a famous model/actor surrounded by a huge crowd!

If I started to get mobbed, I’d probably awkwardly accept the adulation. If the fans are happy, that means they like my work, and that’s a little validation that would go a long way. Recognition seems so rare in life, I’m not sure I’d have the willpower to run away.

Dating X Loving

Chivalry isn’t dead. Be open, honest, and courteous. Love exists, it’s just hard to find and harder to hold on to.


I love Hockey (GO CAPS!!!). Other than that, I have little to no interest

If you have superpower, what would it be? What´s your fav superhero?

Power: Oh man.. flight. Flight over x-ray vision any day of the week. No more walking slowly behind tourists or waiting for the train. My fav hero? Tough question! I have to go with Spiderman. “With great power, comes great responsibility

Attracting someone´s attention and enjoying life

On the street, call their name. If I know them, I’ll dance wildly behind them until they notice me.

How I have fun: I love just chilling with a few drinks and a few friends at someone’s apartment. I also enjoy going to smaller bars and getting the party going with my friends


Craziest thing u´ve ever done in the summer

 My girlfriend and I went skinny dipping in a local lake one summer night. The lake was in a public park and the police almost caught us. We had to hide in the trees

Fav body part and why

Eyes. They’re beautiful, and telling, and ageless

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments 

Flint & Tinder Red Boxer Briefs, tight in all the right places 


I love old rockers like The Ramones, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Billy Squier, Led Zeppelin. I’ll listen to almost anything. Right now I’m listening to The Vaccines and HAIM


Hummus and pita bread


Guilty Pleasure

Tobacco & Beer

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…..

If I wasn’t a model I’d be entirely an actor. I’m currently both now though!

 Upcoming projects

I have to be a little secretive at the moment, but I am going to Paris soon, so stay tuned!


An unforgettable moment

Getting discovered on the street by my agent, George. It entirely changed my life.


You can never experience enough of life so try everything.


Mother Agency

Red Model Management (NY)