Michelle Dantas: “I wanted to be a model since l was child. In that time, I used to wear my mom’s clothes, some of her high heels as well”

30 abr, 2012


I’m from a small town in the state of São Paulo, named Birigui.I believe the patience, discipline, perseverance , attitude, determination and simplicity are   the keys to success both personally and professionally. I love to travel, to enjoy every moment of my life with my family, boyfriend, friends and in my work  too.


Actually, I “discovered” that I wanted to be a model since l was child. In that time, I used to wear my mom’s clothes,  some of her high heels as well, and  asked my parents to watch me on the “catwalk” in the living room.

 And they always encouraged me for that since childhood. So, I started doing various activities related to art, such as ballet, jazz and theater, which helped me to be a more comfortable among the public, and also to  the lenses of the cameras today.

When I was 15 years old, I was discovered by a scouter, who was making a selection of models in nearby my hometown. After a few months, I went to my first  testshooting in the capital of São Paulo. I loved the photos, but today,I  can see that I didn’t have any experience at all. I didn’t know how to pose in     front of the cams, but at least I was not shy, I wanted to learn more and more.

And less than one month, I received my first invitation to start working as an international model in Seoul (South Korea).

What I love   most in all this “fashion world”  is meeting new people, different countries, different cultures, by traveling around the world! And is also very grateful to see the good results of each job done, for me is very rewarding!

Working with photographers: freedom to pose

When I work with  the photographers, I like most to listen what they need from me for the shooting, and gives me the freedom to pose, to feel  comfortble, being spontaneous within the context of what they want.                                                                                                                                  


I don’t have any special preparation before posing. I just like to have a good night sleep to be always fresh and full of energy for the   shootings            

Posed naked already?

I’ve never posed totally naked, just topless. Not sure if I would pose totally naked, it will depend on a true art. Maybe if it is some artistic nude or something like Pirelli, that would might add something very  good for my career.


Male  models x Female models  on fashion world

I think that male models still do not get the same exposure that women yet. But they are getting more and more exposure into the fashion world        

The catwalls experiences and the funny / unusual backstages moments 

Once, in the beginning of my career, the shoe came out of my foot, but not ompletely that I couldn’t keep walking. So I decided to take them off in the   middle of the catwalk. But in the end of the show  everything went fine. Situations like that are very common, it can happen with any model.

I’ve walked for Carlo Tivioli- Milan Fashion week, Lorenzo Riva- Milan, Diesel in London, Triumph- Milan, Aime Spose Wedding- Milan, Salvatore Ferragamo-Miami…                                                                                                                         




                                                                     A fashionista?                                                                                                                   

I do not consider myself a “super” fashionista, but everybody has at least  a little fashionista “inside themselves”. I like to wear comfortable and  basic clothes  I think most of all, that each person makes its own fashion through his/her personality.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think the best answer for this question would be: I would wait for this moment to come, once I’ve never experienced that. Then, I would know what
to do in the best way as possible.

Dating X Love




Atracting someone´s attention 

Nice smile, eye contact and a  black little dress

Having fun, enjoying life

Great moments with my family. Hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. I love dancing, actually, I guess that’s the way that I enjoy
most, dancing! I love quiet moments too, like goi ng to cinema, walk in the park, enjoy the beach, stay in touch with nature.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing she´s ever done in a summertime season

I prefer to keep it  for myself! :)

Fav body part and why

Beautiful eyes and teeth are special for me


In her Ipod

I don’t have one favorite singer or song, I

have many, it aways depends on the moment. I love music

Fav food

Japonese food, specially sashimi

If you weren´t a model, u´d be…

I would be an actress or something related to art, media.

The upcoming projects

I like to talk only about projects already undertaken, it’s always better. :)

An unforgettable moment

The first time I saw my parents after my first international modeling trip without them. We were SO HAPPY, to meet each other again. And also, the amazing  trip to Thailand in 2008.



Contact info
Red Models http://www.rednyc.com/website/home/                 

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