Mayara Fonseca” It´s always cool working with photographers that enjoy discussing their ideas with models and share their experiences before the shooting”.

11 jul, 2015


Hello World of Models, I´m Mayara Fonseca, 20 years old, a brazilian model. I was born in Sorocaba, São Paulo. I live with my parents and a brother. I love pets. I have 2 dogs, a cat and a turtle. I love to work out, travel, meet people, cultures, places around. parties, chocolate. I  enjoy living life to the fullest!


  Actually, i decided become a model when i was 14. I did my first book, just because I always loved taking pictures. And in that shooting, all the team (photographer, makeup artist, stylist) asked me, why  I wasn´t a model, so I really decided to give it a try!

In my first shooting I   was really nervous, but it was an amazing experience. I loved being part of it. After that i realise, that I  really could do it. 

For me, the best thing about modeling, is to be able to work with yourself,  to do my best in the jobs and  have fun :)


Posing to photographers:  sharing cool experiences

It´s always cool working with photographers that enjoy discussing their ideas with models and share their experiences before the shooting.

 I usually do some poses in front of mirror and listen some music and I start to dance to feel in the mood before they start clicking. It helps me a lot! I haven´t posed naked yet, but who knows, in a future I must try it hahahah. I don´t have problems with that since I´m surrounded with a professional team.

The catwalks

Love them since my first shows!!! Moschino in Milano was super cute, lovely clothes, totally different of all  jobs I´ve done it before. I also did a show for an indian jewerly designer named Zoya, a big brand there.

 when I´m walking down the catwalk I feel myself confident, a powerful woman and everything gonna be good!

A funny backstage story happened when I was in Mumbai, India. All  models were doing hair and make up for the show, and they asked us what we wanted to eat, so we asked for a salad.  When the food arrived,  there were some pizzas for the team and we ate them all. The team looked at us so impressed ” how models could eat so much !!!” hahahahahaha.




Female models x Male models

Altough female models still rule this business,  I feel male models are getting  the same exposure as female models do. Concerning black models, they are being accepted, and have a good market for them in  Brazil too.

Mayara, a fashionista?

I always follow the news on fashion brands and style, so I consider myself a fashionista. When I´m not working as a model, i like to wear a casual, simple and comfortable clothes.

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Wow,  i’d be very happy to see that my job makes  people recognize me, makes me popular and famous. It´s kinda of a  of a dream coming true. Hopefully getting there someday hahaha

On show business

I think it´s is very helpful nowadays. Show biz makes the world go round!




Loving X Dating

Loving myself hahahaha


Volleyball all the way!

Super powers and Super heroes

Flying, for sure. I love being in the sky, I love to see the beautiful clouds, i love be free.

My favorite superheroes? First off, God and Mom

 The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

 ”A great way to lose weight is only drinking diet coke when feels hungry”


Having fun, enjoying life

I love parties, great musics. I love being with my friends, if Im with them, every place is a good place to enjoy and have fun!

Fav body part and why

 I dont have a fav body part but i like my smile :)

Music and Food

Whitney Houston. I love listening pop and brazilian music


Earliest childhood memory

When I was playing with my brother and we decided be a hair stylist, but he cut my hair for real. I cried so much for days hahaha

Nickname in school


Guilty pleasure

Eating so much chocolate


If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A flight attendant

Yourself in 10 years

In my own place, full of peace and love and feeling happy


An unforgettable moment

My first trip to Milano and when I arrived there I saw Duomo Cathedral for the first time in my life. I felt blessed and speechless! Main Motto:


“Love to live and live to love”

Next Chapters

I´m planning to travel soon, I don´t know where, but just travel around doing what i love.

Mayara Fonseca

world of models

 Mother Agency: V-model

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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