Model Max Jablonsky on runways shows: “It´s narcissism at its finest!”

17 out, 2014

HELLO. I’m Max Jablonsky from Sacramento, located in northern California (the Capital of the state, which a lot of people always assume is LA or something.)







My favorite things are (in no particular order) cooking, a good game of settlers of catan with friends, current events, sports, bikes, barbecues, and nature. Oh and guns.

I didn’t really decide to be a model, I was out at an after hours party in San Francisco and someone approached me and got me connected with the biz. At the time I had just been fired from my job as a line cook in Sacramento and I was in between semesters at school so I thought what the hell?

My first test shoots were funny, I had no idea what I was doing and I felt foolish to say the least. My first actual job was a Michael Kors campaign, and me being pretty ignorant to the world of modeling at the time–  didn’t realize that was a big deal.

I also had no idea that I was NOT the principal role, I was there as a background model. So my attitude was very carefree, and somewhat entitled. I was nonchalantly chatting it up with Mr. Kors and Mario Testino and Simon Nessman like they were just part of the production crew, which must’ve been pretty funny to watch.




So far the best thing about modeling has been how I’ve broadened my horizons and absorbed so much, culturally speaking, through travel and the people I’ve met. Everything from languages and customs to experiences and all the crazy stories-that I would’ve never had in Sacramento.

When most people travel, they’re tourists. As a model you’re plopped somewhere for months on end and have to pick up your life from there. You aren’t a group of college students drunkenly backpacking in a new city every day just seeing the same shit everyone else sees. You get the hook up. You can do the booshie fashion parties and shoot in exotic locations or you can live with the locals and really experience where you are. It’s pretty unique.

Posing to photographers: developing a relationship

My favorite part about shooting with a photographer is developing a relationship with them, finding out where they’re coming from, literally and figuratively, and trying to make the  whole thing fun and not seem like work. I mean, come on, to do this for a living is crazy, you might as well enjoy it.

As far as preparation goes I try to research the photographer, see their bio and their work. Sometimes you and the photographer drink to loosen up the tension. It’s rad! I’ve shot nude before, it’s kinda liberating. Certainly it’s something to get used to but these days I’m so accustomed to just stripping down in front of strangers I could really care less about being shy.



One time in Milan I had to try on some jeans at a casting with the representatives from the brand sitting there at a table. It was laundry day and I didn’t have time to wait for my clothes to dry before the casting so I went out “going commando”, and at the time I was in such a rush and the line of guys behind me was a mile long so I just did it right there. I couldn’t tell if everyone was surprised or disturbed.

The runways shows  experiences: it’s narcissism at its finest!


I haven’t done many fashion shows, I’ve only ever been to Milan fashion week a few times and New York fashion week once. The castings, the lines, the chaos, the disappointment. I guess it’s about knowing your role, I tend to avoid the show seasons.

The shows I have done were a lot of fun, it’s a fantastic feeling walking down a runway in really nice clothes and having a bunch of people photographing you, it’s narcissism at its finest! A truly self-indulgent high, like you’re Tim Roth in the intro to reservoir dogs walking in slow motion to cool music, the epitome of style. 








You see it all the time in the streets of Hollywood or Soho -the people smugly wearing their Ray bans at night or a fancy leather jacket mid-day in August. You can tell their thought process is something like “God DAMN I’m fly! I’m like SO dope!”

The dumbest thing I’ve heard a model say could’ve been just about anything overheard in a fashion week casting line, to single out ONE statement would be impossible.

Male models x Female models

Male models these days definitely take a backseat to the importance of their female counterparts, I mean just look at who buys designer stuff, it’s mostly marketed for female consumption.

My dad buys his suits wherever-but you better believe my mom has a designer bag or some labels in her closet, and opinions about those designers versus others. Some guys are dominating male modeling and there are throngs of us who are just getting by.

There are far more people doing it now, then in, let’s say “glory days” of the 90′s. Plus, with the economy all messed up there’s far less money going around for the guys.

I wouldn’t say I have any favorite models, and certainly prior to actually getting signed could I even name a model other than Naomi Campbell or Giselle or something. Like I said I never aspired to model so there was no inspiration there. My favorite model right now I guess would be Arizona Muse. I saw her one time at a party in New York, she is stunning…Amazonian even, like …put her in a Xena the warrior princess outfit on a horse with a spear and just watch her slay us mortal men effortlessly.


Max´s style

My rule for clothing is very utilitarian, if it’s not gonna last more than three years, in terms of its durability or overall aesthetic or fashion relevance, I don’t buy it. Most of the shit I wear is second hand, timeless stuff. My usual attire is a good pair of Levi’s and an old vintage t shirt, if it’s cold I throw on my German army surplus jacket I bought in Amsterdam for €20. My preferred footwear is usually some new balance sneakers or my redwing boots. I can’t dress fancy, it just doesn’t look right on me.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

First off, as of right now, that would probably never happen, but for hypothetical purposes I’ll humor you.
This reference might be difficult to follow, but if you were a fan of the original Pokemon games for the Nintendo game boy you’ll be just fine. I would hit the pause button, go to the items menu, scroll down to the escape rope, and poof, I’m gone. If I don’t have any of those handy I see if anyone in the crowd fancies buying my next round of drinks.











On show biz

I was born for it, the world just doesn’t know it yet.

 Dating X Loving

Dating is difficult in this business; being constantly on the go, and focused on the superficial all the time, makes getting deeply involved with others somewhat futile. It’s important to maintain balance and establish the fact the you’re a globetrotting psychopathic black hole of vapidity searching for a soul to destroy before your tourist visa expires and you’re onto the next time zone.

It’s either that or you’re that dude in the model apartment always Skype-ing with his gf at ungodly hours, which is equally annoying. And those dudes are always the first to get wasted and sleep with the first girl they meet at the promoter’s table, so romantic.




I love watching baseball and American football. It’s tough to follow overseas but I always do my best. GO NINERS/GIANTS
I played baseball in junior college as a pitcher but had to quit due to injuries. Nowadays I love running and cycling and basketball.

Superpowers and superheroes

Jesper Vieven  stole my answer to this question but I’d love to speak every language

Deadpool, kinda obscure but I was a comic book junkie as kid, he was basically just a really well armed assassin with no real superpowers-just a lot of guns and samurai swords.

Atracting someone´s attention

I like to uncomfortably glance in their direction overtly until it get so awkward they either leave or approach me





Having fun, enjoying life

It’s always fun when you’re crazy! I´m usually in Northern California, LA, New York, or Amsterdam. Those are my favorite places.
The best way to enjoy life is to not take it too seriously, and to be positive. Don’t be a dick.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

I pooped in public at the river when I was in high school. At least 30 people saw it.

Fav body part and why

My favorite body part is the eyes, you know, because they’re the gateway to the soul, and…blah blah blah

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

I used to be strictly boxers, then I transitioned to boxer briefs, and now I’m a briefs guy, my how times change!



Earliest childhood memory
My mom bought me a stuffed dinosaur for my 4th birthday. I was so happy.

Nickname in school

My friends called me Emir(E-MUR), and my teammates or coaches called me Jabo(JAY-BOW)

Singer, Music and Food

I love Lux Interior of the cramps, he was a total kook, not the greatest voice but damn what energy and style! My favorite music right now is either some grungy stoner stuff like Ty Segall or the Oh Sees, to twangy southern rock like The Strange Boys or The Black Lips, to groovy mixes by my favorite dj Mark Farina or various house styles.

Fav food?  Pizza or Mexican. Or in-n-out burger. Too close to call.

Guilty pleasure: Haagen Dazs vanilla Swiss almond ice cream and the aforementioned foods

Fav booking so far and why

My last job, I got flown to LA to jump around in the ocean in a tuxedo and go surfing and we played with harpoon guns and I did tricks on a bike through the streets of Venice beach, it was fantastic, plus I checked the weather in New York that weekend and it was raining, HA!


Yourself in 10 years

Have no clue where I’ll be in ten years, certainly won’t be slaving away in a cubicle under fluorescent lights

 If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A chef or a farmer

An unforgettable moment

Going to Burning Man for the first time this last summer

Next Chapters

Don’t want to give away any secrets  :)

Motto: Feast and Famine






Agency: Tony Jones Model Management 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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