New faces rock, the series. Episode 54: Mauro de Souza

21 ago, 2012

Modeling, Friendship, Life, Family

Hello, I´m Mauro de Souza and I was born in  São José dos Campos São Paulo, Brazil!

I went to an agency with my cousin and I got really interested to become a model.

Now here I am folks. I´m enjoying the ride. It´s really cool!

Working with photographers: posed naked already?

I don´t have any previous preparation but my booker encourages me to do my best and also to work out. When I start posing to the lens of photographers, I feel a huge adrenalin, Strike a pose, yeahh, I just let it flows!

I´ve never posed naked before, but I´d posed for a professional fashion campaign, I don´t see any problems at all.

Male models x Female models

The fashion world is 75% female models and 25% male models. I think it´s fine now, In the past male models didn´t have much exposure as we see nowadays

Sean O´Pry, for example, is a role model. He has achieved a top level in the male model industry

The Catwalks experiences

I´ve walked for small fashion designers in my hometown. It was a cool experience, I´m a fresh face, so it´s just the beginning. So excited about the next seasons.

The lights, the audience, the backstages. I just love it!!!

A fashionista?

Yep yep. I´m a sucker for boots and jackets. It´s useless to resist them lol

Most important things for his life

Wisdom, family that always give me support to never give up, my friends and my booker Guga Lima

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Wow! That would be awesome. Maybe someday, who knows? I´d like to live that experience. Ladies and gentlemen, there comes the top model Mauro de Souza loooooool


Every day, here, there and everywhere. Sports rock!!!!

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with buddies, trips, beaches, mountains. I enjoy life!


Focus on my job. Keep up the good work, never give up

And that´s all folks!

Thanks for having me and stay tuned for my upcoming projects


Mauro de Souza

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