New faces rock, the series. Episode 79: Matt Williams

11 fev, 2014

First off, thank you so much for welcoming me into the World of Models family! It’s an honor.


My name is Matthew Williams but I usually go by Matt. The women closest in my life, like my mom and sister, call me Mattypoo. I am 24 years YOUNG and my birthday is on 4/20. Crazy right!?


I have 2 older brothers Joel and David, an older sister Hope, my mother Deanna and my dad Jimmy although he passed away when I was a freshman in college. A very tough time especially with me being the baby of the family, however we all got through it and our family is closer and stronger because of it.

My hometown is an island along the coast of Texas called Galveston. So I absolutely love the beach and anything and everything outdoors. I grew up playing baseball from since before I could even walk because my 2 older brothers both played and my dad coached. After playing in high school I went on and played at a junior college in Dallas where we won the National Championship!


One of the greatest moments of my life because I felt like I won it for my dad. Now that competitive baseball has kind of came to a close for me, fitness and other recreational sports for fun are a big part of my life. I love throwing the football at the beach, hiking, and playing basketball at the gym. Basketball is definitely my cardio. I’d rather kick ass on the court than run on a treadmill any day.

Modeling: it all began through social media


Well, modeling all started for me with a Facebook message of all things. Pretty typical now a days though with social media being such a huge part of our generation. Anyhow, 2 years ago a Houston, Tx photographer named Gene Wells messaged me on FB telling me how bad he wanted to shoot me and that I could definitely become a model and help his portfolio in the process.

I told him I would do it but one day the weather was bad, another day I just couldn’t make it for some reason, until the point to where we both just stopped trying. A part of me looks back and thinks I just wasn’t mentally ready to go after modeling. Then, a year later after working a dead end job for 2 years, I finally told myself what the hell lets just go after this whole modeling thing.


So I FB messaged him asking if he was still interested. Turns out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I took a day off from work, drove up to Houston, and shot with Gene for about 3 hours. A bunch of different outfits. A day later, he started emailing me the photos and I was shocked at how great they were. I was like “damn these are pretty good, maybe I can actually do this!” Lol. Hold on the stories not over yet! I was following Neal Hamil, a Houston agency on Instagram, and they posted an international open call photo stating that top agencies from New York and LA would be coming to scout.

So I thought this was my chance. I printed out some 8×10 photos from the shoot at Wal-Mart of all places and put them in a black leather book. The next day I went to the agency. There were other models in line when one of the co directors walked outside of the office, I smiled at her, she walked back into the office, came back out and said, “You come with me.” Right then and there I knew I had it! I came into the office and Ally said sign this 3 year contract so of course I did.


The Abercrombie & Fitch campaign

Another one of the greatest feelings of my life! She told me to come back Saturday to meet the top agencies. I was so excited. I came in that weekend and I met with Click NY, Ford, IMG, and a couple other top agencies from across the country. I got a call back from Click saying they were interested in me.

Then, this is where it gets even crazier. My mother agency emails me telling me to come in and submit a video for Abercrombie & Fitch so I was like heck ya lets do it. Took another day off from work, submitted a shirtless video of me, and one week later I got an email telling me I got confirmed for the Abercrombie & Fitch Campaign! A dream come true all in a matter of weeks from doing my first ever test shoot. I couldn’t believe it. I went on to sign with Click in New York in August 2013 and now Two Management in LA where I have currently resided the past 3 weeks.


While in New York for 6 months, I booked the Abercrombie Campaign again and got to shoot with THE Bruce Weber for the second time, shot with Jeremy Kost for Carbon Copy and Odda Magazine, the incredibly provocative Coitus Magazine, Instinct Magazine, and a book cover I forgot the name of. I have an upcoming shoot for Out magazine in Texas too that I am very excited about!

The best part about modeling so far has been being able to live in some of the greatest cities in the world. New York is na incredible experience and I was able to live there for 6 months and will obviously come back for months at a time. LA was always my dream place and modeling has allowed me to reach that destination and in the past 3 weeks of living here, I have been the happiest I have been in my life. It’s so me!

The warm weather, the beaches, the hiking trail, the basketball courts. Everything I love doing is here (other than family) and it has allowed me to be myself which in the end is true happiness.



Posing to photographers: an amazing moment with Bruce Weber

 Well the number one thing I like most when working with photographers is when we get great photos. Not just good ones. But like when we are both on the same page and are communicating about the shots we wanna get. I think it makes both of us more comfortable and determined to get those phenomenal shots.

As a new face and new to the industry, I’m more of a tell me what to do and I’ll do it kind of model so when the photographer is communicating with me and critiquing me it makes everything go so much more smoothly and more likely to get those phenomenal shots that we are both seeking to get.



But now that I’m learning more and more about posing and angles I like the challenge of coming up with my own kind of style and when you know you’re doing your thing it gives me alot of confidence which comes out to make really good photographs.

As a southern Texas boy I was instinctively against posing nude and I still am about full frontal nudity. However, when it’s done in a very artsy and tasteful manner I don’t mind partial nudity. I think the human bodies are beautiful and for me I like to show off all the hard work I put in at the gym each and every week.

I do have an interesting photoshoot story actually and it was on the Abercrombie shoot with Bruce Weber. My first big shoot. A director of the shoot came and grabbed me and said Bruce Weber wanted to see me so I was like super excited. He wanted to shoot me away from the group and when I got there he started doing these really goofy breathing exercises and at first it freaked me out being the southern Texan boy that I am. Lol.


However, he knew that I was nervous being my first big campaign right off the bat and it was probably showing up in the photos. As I did the breathing exercises, it really relaxed me and made for some beautiful photos and it’s something I now sometimes do before a shoot to really calm me. Bruce is a true professional and it’s something I’ll never forget.  

Male models x Female models: who rule?

The modeling world is definitely still ruled by female models and rightly so. It’s women who have always been so intrigued by fashion trends and what they looked like from ever since I can remember. Men care too but its not on the same level as women thats for sure. However, it’s a totally different generation were living in now and male models are on the come up. Men are caring more and paying more attention to fashion trends which is great for the male modeling industry.

But the main point isn’t about the straight man it’s about the gay man. Gay men are all about fashion trends, designer clothing, and keeping up with not only female modeling and the women’s side of fashion, they are paving a trail for us male models. There are tons of gay men’s magazines and they want to see sexy straight men in them which leads to more jobs for us male models. And like I was saying its a different generation now, alot more open and that’s cool with me especially if it’s creates more jobs for the male model because that’s what I am and what I’m in the industry for is to work and make some good money!


Before I started modeling, the only male model I knew was that Fabio guy with long blonde hair lol and I don’t even think he’s a model. But I knew all the sexiest female models like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bunchien, Marissa Miller, and some of the other Victoria Secret and sports illustrated swimsuit models. That shows right there that the typical american does not know any male models.

However, after modeling 10 months I now know about Sean Opry and Garret Neff and that’s about it and that’s because I’m in the business to take their job! So I had to see who were the top money guys. The only male models to inspire me to model were the Abercrombie guys I would see  the wall and I said to myself I could do that. And then I booked the campaign back to back so that was really awesome.

Matt´s style: a fashionista?

Haha no I am not a fashionista. However, I may slowly be becoming one! In the last 10 months as a model I have seen tons of male models at the castings and I’ve seen they’re style and I’m starting to catch on to what’s in, what looks good and what I need to work on with my style. I typically have a very casual, comfortable surfer/athletic style.

But that doesn’t cut it in the fashion industry lol so I’ve upped my wardrobe game a little bit and I actually really like the changes I’ve made. Jeans got a little tighter, shirts got more fashionable, layered up a little bit more, got some cool shoes and jackets. I literally just went to H&M and went on a little shopping spree lol so now I feel like I have style.  



Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would love it! I’d probably take off my shirt and start taking pictures with everyone there haha it would be fun for everyone and I would never forget that moment.  

Loving x Dating

 I love all kinds of beautiful women so that initial attraction is what draws me in. After that it’s all about the connection. Does she make me laugh? Is she smart? Does she have good morals/religious background? Does she respect herself and me as well? Does she care how she makes others feel, especially me? Does she want kids cuz I do!? If she doesn’t have most of the qualities I look for in a good woman I don’t waste our time. I try to let them down easy because I know that’s how I would want it as well. I know what I want and I’m not in the business of just hooking up. I’ve already done that and now I just want the real thing. Like my parents had.  




I’m very competitive but not to the point of hurting another athlete or playing dirty. I’m a good sportsman and believe in teamwork is the best way but if I have to take over I will and that’s great leadership when you will your team to victory.  

If you could have a super power what would it be?  Who´s your fav superhero?

No doubt it would be to fly. Being able to see the world from a diferente perspective and go to places I could only dream about. Would be really incredible.  All the other powers would be too tempting to do evil!  

My favorite superhero movies were Batman and Spider-Man but I think I would have to go with Spider-Man. He’s got the Spidey-Sense, flies around the city with his Spidey-String, plus he always gets the girl in the end. 




Dumbest thing you’ve ever heard a model say

I have no clue but it probably came out of my mouth lol. I’m really book smart but I’m super ditsy and goofy.

Atracting someone´s attention

I love laughing and making others laugh and to me those moments are the most fun. The best places to go to have fun for me are the beach, on a boat, aging sports, at a party with friends, or with my family at the house around the holidays when were all making fun of each other. Nothing really compares to that.  

 Fav body part and why

My abs by far because I work so hard to keep them looking good but everyone tells me I have a killer smile. I think it’s a goofy smile but that’s because it’s real.  


On Ipod: music for every emotion

 My favorite artist right now is Drake. He can reach me on almost every level. My favorite singer though is probably Brian McKnight who sings R&B. He can hit every note and I’m a lover of R&B love songs because of all my past and future relationships. My iPod has everything though from Texas country all the way to scream-o for the gym. It just really depends on my mood that’s why I Iove music because there’s music for every emotion.  

Fav food

It’s a never ending battle between steak fajita tacos and my moms lasagna  




Guilty pleasure

Its definitely food. I love food so much and eat so much at a time and in this industry you have to be fit but hey I kill it everyday in the gym to balance out my guilty pleasure!  

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Still trying to figure that one out! Until then, I am living the life that makes me happy and traveling the world and I am so blessed to be doing so. 



The Projects


Hollister Winter Campaign,  2013 Carbon Copy Magazine, Odda Magazine (November issue), Instinct Magazine Calender Issue (Mr. August),   Coitus Magazine (November issue)


Abercrombie & Fitch Spring Campaign and Shoot for Out Magazine


An unforgettable moment

Winning the 2009 Junior College National Championship in Baseball and the moment I first got signed as a model.  


Live the life you love, Be yourself, Love others, and go after your dreams because nobody is going to do it for you and it’s not going to magically happen.  



And when you´ll come to my world buddy? Brazil zil zil!

On my way!

Matt Williams


New Hamil Agency  

Click Models 

 Two Management

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