Matt Benstead: My most memorable shoot would be the Belstaff campaign I shot with David Beckham”

15 jun, 2017


My name is Matt Benstead, born in Norwich but mainly raised in a town called Woking, just south of London. My personal interest are Rugby, fitness, good food and my family and horses. My wife got me into the horse world and it has passed on to my 2 children who now ride there own pony. 


Modeling: how did all begin

 Modeling was not something I ever considered in fact it was a complete contrast to what I initially wanted to be, a builder!!! I got scouted at 14 and once I’d finished school went straight in for it. I wanted to get on with life and gain my own independence and modeling has certainly done that for me.




My first test was at a lady’s house with only a camera. I had a minor mullet at the time, which I later discovered was probably my first major fashion faux pas!!!!! 

Modeling for me has it’s ups and downs but I love it….the fact that not knowing what lies ahead is exciting for me and the chance to visit the world is fantastic.

Posing to photographers

I’ve grown more confident with modeling and now I find myself really conversing with the photographer to create what the client is looking for and more! I always like to give all my energy.




I have never been approached to shoot nude but it’s certainly not something I would necessarily turn down.

My most memorable shoot would be the Belstaff campaign I shot with David Beckham. Shot also by Peter Lindbergh, which was also major. Peter Lindbergh was great. He made you feel at ease and such a charming, funny guy. 


 The catwalks´experiences

Fashion shows were the best. The banter backstage was hilarious. I’ve met some funny personalities and made some good friends for life. When the music starts and you step out on the runway you walk as if you own the biggest set of nuts!!!!!! Louis Vuitton, Dolce, Versace, Paul Smith, Armani are a few I’ve had to walk for but the list is long!




Male models x Female models: Who rule this business?




I think women still rule the business and will continue to do so for some time for good reason….the market is huge for them however I feel they have plateaued and men’s fashion, cosmetics and beauty is escalating fast and continues to grow. Not to sound bias or political in any way but it would be nice to see men equalled.

I’d say all models inspire me…I’ll look at the latest campaigns in magazine and use all the material as inspiration.

Matt´s style

I’m not a fashionista at all…too much investment! However I am a fan of layers, wax jackets with a good ol’ pair of jeans and boots….with a flat cap! I love a flat cap.




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!


If I was ever noticed and created a crowd (depending on the scale), initially I’d be like WTF who have they seen!!!!! Then I’d go with the flow and do the whole selfie thing. You gotta give. 

Superpowers and Superheroes


 My favourite superhero is Logan (X-men). I fucking love that character. Strength, able to heal, never ageing and steel claws…total bad ass!!!





Fav songs

I have such a range of songs on my iPod embarrassing ones too! I’m not ashamed. However Slash’s 2 previous solo records (world on fire & Apocalyptic love) get the adrenaline going. Blues, country, pop I have it all. 




Having fun, enjoying life

I love a good pub. I live in the countryside so there are plenty of them. A pint of Pale Ale and a packet of crisps….I’m there.

 Nickname at school

Benno has been my nickname for years, which originated from my dad who was a professional goalkeeper then through school it got passed to my older brother then me and it has stuck ever since.




You gotta spend some to win some 8-)  

Matt Benstead




HEIGHT 1,86m






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