Martin Rybczynski:“ he most important rule in life wether it comes to health or personal success is cause and effect“

22 fev, 2017


First of all thanks for having me, Its a great pleasure and beautiful how the world is connected and one can share his experiences through social media!



My name is Martin Rybczynski, 23 years old and from Vienna! My parents are both from Poland!

My interests are mainly based around self mastery. Everything starting from my dietary choices to my habits and thoughts. I was on a rollercoaster basically all my teenage time until I understood that I am the one and only true master of my life. Itsup to me how fast or slow high or down I wanna go!






Wether it is what i think and feel or what and who I am or what i am aspiring to be in the future. The most important rule in life wether it comes to health or personal success is cause and effect. What you put out you receive. What you eat you become. Its that simple but so powerful! There is no coincidence in life.

So that isthe fundamental of life. Trying to understand why i am here and what my purpose is.

On this journey we call „life“ which is an accumulation of experiences many people believe only to be passengers floating through space and time having no power or possibilty to change the(ir) future.

This is a main misconception. In fact we are all capable of creating an incredible life for ourselves our people and all living beings if we focus our energy on it. Thats how powerful the mind is.
Unfortunately the picture of the world today shows the opposite; in fact it is just the mirror of our minds.


Modeling: how did all begin

I have decided to find an agency in summer 2012! I was always passionate about acting and I knew that starting of as a model is the best way to get into the Acting business! 

I was discovered by an italian scout who came to Austria to look for New Faces to run @ the Milan Fashionweek. Before that happened people asked me why I am modelling and I would say „Maybe I get scouted and become a famous model In Milan!“ They laughed at me.

Well I am not famous yet but I got some decent jobs at that time!

The best thing about modeling is the process of growing up. You are travelling around the world meeting different people and cultures and start to be more open and grateful.








Posing to photographers

I love the simple act of the shoot. Standing in front of the camera is totally my thing. I dont have any previous preparation. I guess Im just going with the flow! I love to put my clothes off.Its funny how people call it being naked. It ist he most natural thing in the world!:) 

The runway shows

The coolest show was Brioni. We had to stand still for an hour like Manneqiuns. I was sweating hard and a guy had to come and dry my face with a towel every 5 minutes haha. After 40 minutes the guy next to me passed out because it was so hot and the suits very tight.

When Im walking down the catwalk I fell  kinda weird and feels like being In a movie. Different things burst through my mind :)




Any model really inspired you?

 I like Edward Wilding. Hes such a chilled dude and it seems like he is an enlightened personality.

Martin´s style

Im a simple person. I do not follow any trends!

 Dating X Loving: Well Im a natures boy so Id take here on a bike ride in the hills! Man the meaning of Love is a little different to me: For me it means Connection in a deep sense. Love is all there is!






Imagine u a famous model surreounded by a huge crowd!.

 I would try to relax as much as possible and find a smart solution!

On show business

Its an Illusion but ist fun. When you understand that most things are not true you can still enjoy playing the „game“ :)

Superpowers and Superheroes


 My one and only hero is Jesus

 The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

Some models tell young girls that they are eating junk food or whatever they want.. Be a Rolemodel not a distraction!




Atracting someone´s attention

I talk about deep stuff

Having fun, enjoying life

Get on my bike and ride with no plan, swimming in the water, sitting in the sun loading up on the Vitamin D, Berathing fresh air, climbing trees, hiking in the mountains, enjoying the sounds of nature, drinking loads of water and eating tons of fruit! chilling with my brother Philipp (shoutout)

Craziest (nastiest?) thing  ever done in a summer time season

 Rode my bike from Florence (Italy) to Barcelona (Spain)


Fav body part and why

The soul. You cant see it but you know its there. Because through it we experience higher understanding of ourselves and the universe!

 Fav underwear for all cool moments

I dont wear underwear.

Earliest childhood memory

Cycling alongside the danubve with my family :)

 Fav booking so far and why

Brioni! Great show and nice clothes!

 Music and Food

My favorite band is Coldplay and right now Im listenning Dire Straits!

My fav food is Fruit <3


Guilty pleasure

I used to feel guilty about things but it makes no sense! When I give in to my pleasures I at least enjoy it (Food, procrastination, masturbation..)

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A Naturopathic Doctor

Most beautiful moment

Riding my bicycle through the Tuscany while the sun is setting


Upcoming Projects

Secret ;)


The past is history, The future a mystery and the Present is what it means. A Present <3


instagram @martin_rybczynski

Youtube @MartinRyeMusic

Full name 

Martin Rybczynski


23 Years




78 kilograms (170 pounds)


44 (10)


Blow Barcelona

Next London 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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