Mario Catana: “My nose gets jobs and campaign; my nose,that Mister Armani likes, he told me that. He booked me was my face was my face profile and nose, so, nose= jobs for me lol”

02 out, 2011

Hello guys, I’ll be fast ….Mario Catana born in Bucharest Romania, based in Milan.

Interests: sports( ex football player), snowboarding, basket ball, tennis, beach volley, bike-riding … photography, music, interior design, cuisine

How did all begin

I start modeling when I was 17. my sister took me to the agency … by hand lol. My first casting was my first job, TVC for fragrance. It was the moment when I realized that I could take it seriously.

Travelling and meeting people around the world

Best thing about modeling is not for money, glam or fun …. is the opportunity to travel, getting in contact with people from different places, cultures, educate yourself, getting mature , fortify emotions etc

Working with photographersand shooting naked in front of a gorgeous top model!

When I work with the photographers I try to get as much info I can get about photography, I try to understand “how” because I do photos as well ( ). Not any special preparation before, maybe I sleep well, put some cream & facial mask a night before.. lol.   Most funny and difficult story; in the backstage shooting naked in front of a gorgeous top model


The catwalks

I’ve walked for Emporio and Giorgio Armani, Francesco Smalto, Paul Smith , Roberto Cavalli, Carlo Pignatelli Denis Simacev, Haute, just to name a few.

A fashionista?

I’ m not a fashionista, I like to wear easy stuff, jeans & t-shirt

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I try to hide my identity

Male models got the same exposure as female ones or women still rule this business?

I do not think that  male models get the same attention as we see with female models even nowadays;  Of course more space for females to get more attention. It is not easy to become a top model by being a man;  only  example is Marcus Schenkenberg in the  time of  supermodels era with Claudia S & Naomi etc.

He got attention and became the first male top model. Maybe the only one all time.  About favorite models, I remember the model at the end of  90s that inspired me was Mike Campbell, who was  Emporio and CK face then. My favorite female model?  My girlfriend Barbara of course! :)

Dating x Love

I like to meet girls to share emotions. Now I have my girlfriend Barbara; she is a model from Brazil.


I played soccer for 10 years, then snowboarding, bike-riding, basketball, tennis, beach volley etc

Atracting someone´s attention

I’m very SHY so I don’t do anything in particular to get the attention

Enjoying life

My way to have fun: Discos all over the world from Ibiza to NY, from Berlin to Hong Kong. I like to enjoy and have fun with no condition, at the 5 star hotel or open area parties. They are the same for me

Craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s ever done in a summer time season!

Nasty stuff  I have ever done: probably driving a scooter naked on the way back from disco in Ibiza lol

Fav body part and underwear for daily acitivities and for those cool sexy moments lol

My nose.  My nose gets jobs and campaign..;  my nose …. that Mister Armani likes, he told me that, one of my quality and the reason that he booked me was my face profile and nose … so,  nose= jobs for me  lol

My favorite  underwear for all the life Emporio Armani

In his IPOD: I like electro, from minimal to trance, progressive, tech. My favourite Timewriter , Alex Smoke, Ricchie Hawthin etc

Unforgettable moments

All the great discussions and nice moments with my friends from one side of the world to the other, sharing ideas, life philosophy even sometimes fighting


Future doesn’t exist, respect your past, but leave in the moment( present)!!!

Upcoming projects

I don’t like to make planes , prefer to concentrate on moment, I continue modeling till I work well and I will start shooting as a photographer

When u´ll come to my world?

About Brazil…. love it and love it again … Ill be there for reveillon ! Boa sorte !!!

Full name: Mario Catana
Height: 187cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 79cmHips: 96cm
Shoes: 43-44
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue

Contact Info: Mika Kanno, manager/coordinator /

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