Meet the actor Mario Bregieira

21 ago, 2012

Hello everyone, pleasure to be here to share my story with the World of Models family!

I´m Mario Bregieira, 18 years old and I was born in Piracicaba, a city located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

I love acting, dancing, playing guitar and everything connected to art. As a good brazilian guy, I love soccer, barbecue, and samba! lol

Acting came to my life when I was 14. A friend of mine introduced me to the world of the Performing Arts and since then I´ve been in love for acting. It is my life!

Show biz, fame, success…

I like show business, I think it is really cool d to know the works of the artists around the world.

Success? I focus on my goals to reach success

Fame? It will come along with the success

Most important things for my life are my family, my career, success, love, and peace! And if I had to choose one, would be “love” because with love we can own everything in life! Albert Einstein said it!

Beauty and elegance makes a person successful?

Most important than beauty and elegance is the talent! That what really matters no matter what you really do for a living

Imagine u a famous actor surrounded by a huge crowd!

I´d talk to everyone with much joy cause the fans give us the support to keep up the good work

Mario´s way of life

On Sports

soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, you name it. I love them all!

Atracting someone´s attention

Being myself

Having fun, enjoying life

I usually go to bars, night clubs,  I really don´t care about the places, what I really is to  be with my buddies. We have a real good time together

Fav body part and why

My eyes, because they are mesmerizing lol

In his Ipod

“Better together – Jack Johnson”

Fav food

Hamburger of course! lol

If u weren´t an actor, u´d be….

I don’t know,  maybe a model would be a good option!

The Projects

I’m going to NY to study acting at NY Film Academy and in the future hopefully to work in a soap opera in Brazil or in a Hollywood film

An unforgetable moment

Every single moment is unforgettable, because we need to live the moment.

Full name: Mario José de Negri Bregieira

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