Marianne Fonseca: “It was hard in the beggining but I never ever give up. I love modeling, it´s so fascinating to meet many people, amazing places and cultures around the world”!

01 ago, 2012

Hi guys, thank you for having me!! My name is Marianne Fonseca Prado, I was born in Uberlandia a medium size town in Brazil, and I grew up with my younger sister Luiza.

We grew up doing a lot of activities, first one was ballett which I played for 6 years along with other dances and also swimming, English classes. We used to do some choreographies imitating the Spice Girls, Britney spears. It was our show time to our parents in families’ birthdays and school events lol

The Performing arts is also one of my passions.

“I want to be a model!”

I decided to be a model when I was a very little child. Everybody used to ask me what I´d like to do in the future and my answer was always “I want to be a model, and everybody laughed about it. After all, I was just  a-eight-year-old girl!  Then, it came the school years and my desire to be a model grew up inside of me.

Some people used to call me the ugly, super skinny and tall girl. When I turned 12 I started to play volleyball (another passion of mine too). I played it during 4 years and I became a professional volleyball player.

But one day a family´s friend invited me to do some pictures for her clothes collection, and that dream to become a model suddenly came up very strong again!.  I started to do some small jobs in my hometow. I sent out the pictures to some agencies in São Paulo and when I turned 16 I was  approved by a modeling agency and I moved to São Paulo. I left volleyball and other things behind to reach my goals.

It was hard in the beggining but I never ever give up.  I love modeling, it´s so fascinating to meet many people, amazing places and cultures around the world!

Working with photographers: getting into the mood

When I´m posing to the lens of the photographers, I try to get into the mood of the shooting,  I enjoy talking previously to them to undertand their ideas about the way they want to do and then everything goes  naturally.

I have never posed naked, even not topless, only shirtless but covering everything with my hands. I´m waiting for a good professional job proposal  to maybe do it.

A funny/unusual moment? Hmmm, I shoot a lot of swimwear and always outside at the beach or in open places,  so I always have to change clothes at the most different places. Sometimes I have to hide myself between rocks and make sure no one see me naked, I even changed inside of the sea one time lol

The catwalks experiences

I did a lot of catwalks in the beginning of my career, fashion weeks in Brazil and many shows all over the places I´ve have been traveling to. I´ve walked for Kippling, Timberland, Lancome, Dior,  Y-3, Karen Milen, Aigner, just to name a few.

Its always á huge adrenaline in backstages. Everything must be perfect, you should change fast, many people around. Once in Shanghai where we had to change clothes in an outside tent so close to the river and it was minus 1 degree!!! My God! I was freeeeeeezzzziiinnngggg lol

Women still rule the fashion world?

I think there is much more to explore about the male models, they need more attention for sure. But in the other hand, if you look back 10 years ago, there was almost no expose on male models. Since then, it´s been growing more and more each season. It´s still slower comparing to women market but they definitely have more exposure now!

A fashionista?

No, not at all. I´m a very girly girl, I like skirts, dresses. I love strong colors. Sometimes I also love the simple black but I always i try to show a little bit of my legs

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Oh, that´s a funny question, I can´t  imagine myself in that situation, but I´d be nice and friendly to everyone. I also would like to know about what they´d like to hear about me

Show biz, fame, success… 

It´s amazaing and crazy. You have a lot of competition, glamour, everybody trying to get everybody´s attention, I love to be part of it, it´s fascinating, but also you have to be careful with the ”real life”. The feelings and respect are much more important thnn the show business,

Fav models

I´d choose my boyfriend Landerson, because he is a beautiful person, He made me understand more about male models and I became more intimate with male work. Concerning female models, I´d choose our ubermodel Gisele Bundchen. She is not only a model, she became an icon, And also I admire her love for the nature and animals

Atracting someone´s attention

Being smart, knowing how to express myself, using the right words in the right time, be myself and always happy!

Having fun, enjoying life

In Brazil, hot weather, in the beach with people I love, some drinks, cool music, that´s it!

The craziest (nastiest?) thing  in a summer time season

Well, I prefer to keep it secret, but the only thing I can make sure is: I always have fun on summer!

Fav body part and why 

 I´m happy with my entire body, but I love my skin tone!

In her Ipod

Beyonce, Rihanna and all R&B. I also i love The Beattles

Fav food

Brazilian food from my state Minas Gerais for sureeeee!!!

 Guilty pleasure


If you weren´t a model you´d be…

A doctor! I was planning to  study Medicine when I left my city to pursue  a modeling career

The Projects

Fashion campaigns in NY and LA, stay tuned folks!

An unforgettable moment

When mom came to visit me in the USA


Love everything and everyone, forgive, be positive and sincere!!

  Marianne Fonseca Prado, 22 years old

 Contact info: New York Model Management

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