New faces rock, the series. Episode 86: Mariangela Nethson

16 jul, 2014

Hi guys, my name is Mariângela Nethson and I’m 17 years. I was born in a little city of the South of Brazil, but now i’m living in São Paulo with my friends. My biggest dreams are to travel around the whole world and save all the street’s animals.




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Well, I never thought about working as a model, but I always wanted to do something out of common. One day, my aunt heard about a model´s convention that was happening in her city (São Paulo) and I decided to go there.

 My first shooting was horrible! I had never been in front of a camera, and I was so nervous, so nervous, that I almost ran away!  Lucky me, the photographer was great and patient, so the fotos turned out great!

 The best thing about being a model is the oportunity to visit others places!

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Posing to photographers: being a character 

I love the way we turn into a new character while they are doing the photos. In a moment that´s me,  the other moment I can be someone else and that´s really exciting about posing. 

Before the shooting I try to clear my mind to be focused to do my best. I must confess I’m a little bit ashamed to pose naked,  but it’s  common in fashion world. 

The catwalks´experiences 

When I´m walking down the catwalks I feel like nothing else exist. I try to figure it out just me walking down the streets. For me it´s just like a meditation. 

I’ve been doing a lot of shows but SPFW’s last season was my favourite job ever! I just did one show there, for Adriana Degreas,  but it was full of tops, all those my inspiration. So cool and amazing :)

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Female models x Male models 

I think women still rule this business, at least here in Brazil. Male models don´t get much exposure as we see with female models. 

I don’t have a favourite model that inspired me to pursue a modeling career, but there are  a lot of models I admire, like Daiane Conteratto, Martin Conte, Waleska Gorchevski… 

Mariângela´s tyle: a fashionista? 

Well, I’m pretty basic and I like to wear comfortable clothes. I think that if you are wearing something that you don’t feel good, you’re not being yourself. 

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

It would be scaring at the beginning, but I’d be nice and I would try to give attention to everyone!

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Dating X Loving: Loving

Sports: Handball, volleyball, swimming, fights…

 If you could have a super power what would it be? Your fav superhero

I would like to change into anything I want like Mystique. My fav superhero? Hmmm, not sure, but I think it´s Batman 

Earliest childhood memory: The family´s meeting every  Sunday 

Nickname in school: Mari 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I don’t know, I try not to make plans. 

Having fun, enjoying life  

Being with my family and friends. Take a nice walk, meet different places, parks, museums, stores, restaurants…

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Fav body part and why: I don’t know why, but I really love my legs and my shoulders.


It is one of my passions. I love classic rock, grunge, punk rock…. At this moment, I’m addicted to Pearl Jam and Legião Urbana 

Food: No doubt, it’s Italian food 


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Next Chapters 

I’m working now  in Brazil for a while, but we’re planning an international trip for the next months


Mariângela Nethson


Mother Agency: L´Equip Model & Arts 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor