Marc Pend: “When you are in front of a photographer, you know you are working with a creative person, with a different sensibility”

17 jul, 2015


Welcome to World of Models family Marc! 

Thank you for the super nice welcome, it’s a pleasure being here talking and laughing. I forgot my shoes home, damn it! I knew i miss something! But Let’s start :)




What about me? I’m Marc, 26 years and I’m a supernormal guy in a world of special ones, I model, but as everything in life, I don’t take myself too seriously. You know, life is that thing that happen while you make all the other project, so it’s important be able to accept the unexpected.

I’m Italian, from Bergamo, and I love my family, they are very important to me and despite what others think the biggest lucky in my life was having them that permit me to make my own choice.

I have one bigger brother, blond, blue eyes, a prince, and a younger sister that is really one of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. My parents are really amazing, and I grew up as the “funny one”… Ahahah i have 2 dogs, Labradors, that I’m crazy in love for, and a cat. A zoo!

While I’m not traveling for works, I stay out of the town (Milan particularly where I have the working basement), I stay in my home close to the river not so far to the city, I’m not a party boy and I’m not that kind of guy that have to make the public relation to survive.


I’m super easygoing nothing special as I told, I take a bachelor degree in 2014 in business management with an experimental thesis on neuro-marking. That is a thing I love, the marketing and the psychology.

 by marieta faka4



Modeling: how did it all really begin?

 Well for me it works like that, an agent stops me when I was 17, and again when I was 19, but I had to finish my study so I declined the offering. When at 22 a woman, one of the best I ever meet in this years, stops me to ask if I ever thought about modeling I decide to start, I was at the university so i had more free time.

It wasn’t actually a totally unknown world for me, my mother was a very big model when she was young, and I always look at her picture like the emoticon with the heart in the eye, you know what I mean?! Then I arrived in my very first agency, a big big agency, that I change after some trouble, and right now I’m here with you after a New York experience and others that wait for me.

 I wish it’s gonna continue for a while so I can transmit some value that in the fashion world is now totally lost. I’m trying my best without a particular plan, just transmitting my way of working.

My first shooting  was a disaster I guess, when you shot the first time you feel like zoolander and you act too ridiculously in front of the camera, the photographer was so nice and teach me, and then the experience makes me grow, but I have to still learn a lot, I love and I always want to learn!

 That’s one of the best thing about Modeling, the possibility that you have to learn, the people you meet, the beauty of being able to afford the changes. But growing up is hard and sometimes you have to suffering to learn the lessons that life gives to you.

For this reason I always try to choose the person that I work with, for me the most important thing is the human relationship so I never mind to be in the agencies with the biggest name to be just one number on a huge wall, I work with amazing team that really care about this work still making it as it should be, I’d never thanks enough my agents and agencies to be as they are. For me the best.








The photographers, the shootings and the amazing backstages 

When you are in front of a photographer, you know you are working with a creative person, with a different sensibility. I try to find the right empathy and that’s what I really like, let them play with me, see them creating, acting new characters or new history, feeling all the importance of the photographer you are work with, I try to be part of the creative genius, so the mood start becoming very focus and very intense, and at that moment I don’t mind if I’m naked or not because you are working with your mind.

 Yes I have some stories about the backstage, one of my favorite is a simple story, it was during a campaign shooting in Saint Tropez. We shot the night in an amazing place where we slept, the day after at the sea and in the city. At the end of every day the crew, the staff and the owner too want to spend time all together, having party on the beach under the stars.

So we realize how from the beginning it was not just job, we were acting like we were friends from years! It was so rare and beautiful. I could talking about a lot of story and crazy thing about models, but I prefer to share something so simple, that I find rarely.


The catwalks experiences 

Catwalk is a very adrenaline experience at the beginning, once you make it you can’t wait to make it again. I work for a lot of designers but not for everyone I catwalk, you know there are a lot of different jobs, and sometimes they request you for other things than the catwalk. Everything is quick and you have to be ready, (sarts are quicker to correct a suit than me introducing myself!! They are so amazing!)

 You have time to think at nothing, just look straight, walk and watch out where you have to stop! I`m telling this cause In one of my first job I put the feet inside a wonderful flower composition at the end of the catwalk.I was so embarrassed!

I really work with a lot of brands, from the high rated, to less knowing brand, I don’t mind actually the name of the brand I’m working with I try to give my best as I can, I never like the list I could forget someone and for me everyone was important, for any reason! Reading the other interview it looks like a race every time.


The dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say  

Let me think, probably the winner was that kind of guy that read somewhere that the “new trend” was the skinny model and he stopped eating… WTF!? I ordered a huge pizza one second later

 Male models x Female models: who rule this business?



I’m so sad to admit it, but girls rule! Even Beyoncé know it, they have more work and actually I think it is even more fun work and transform a girl, they still earn more and they become easier icon than us. About the rest I don’t have models that really inspired me, I just be me, but I really appreciate the real beauty of girls and guys, My favorite ones, that I totally cannot compare to me, Naomi Campbell and Tyson Beckford, simply perfect.

  Marc, a fashionista?

I’m not really a fashionista, I’m not so addicted, I’ve got my style that is my personal interpretation of the classic outfit with some rock details, but something beautiful I´ve learned is the fact that I like to change and one day I fit something, the day after something else.

 I always hate model that when find the right look, never change. i saw too many bangs cause was fashion! But c’mon if you are not able to change and you are not able to wrong, you’ll never learn, and that’s something that even some other person should learn, appreciate the change.




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

Well, do you believe if i tell you that it´s already happened? Ahaha, it was a job during a Vogue fashion night out event and I had to wear 2 smoking and walking in the street crowded of persons, a kind of catwalk. I was with a girl, well I don’t know how it was possible, but we were assault by the people and by the paparazzis, the client was soo happy of course but give us a bodyguard to move around.

 Someone asked me the autograph, I wrote something weird ’cause my hand was totally shaking! I’m not so famous or so popular to have a reaction to justify what happened that night, but was crazy, beautiful.  When I asked the client what happened they answered the crowd  thought we were two Hollywood actors. So how can I handle it?! Smiling! It is so unreal!

On show business 

It’s a machine that use you until you work, it’s important never taking it too seriously, it’s a game that you have to learn to play with, to earn the best as you can, but its

Important always have a B-C-D plans in life.

 by marieta faka2

Marc´s style 

An elegant rocker

 Dating X Loving 

I love people that have an history, smart and independent,

very focused and brilliant


 Bseball, Fencing, Boxe, Horse riding … A lot now that I think about it!

Super powers and Superheroes  

 You mean if I can metamorph?! Probably the control of the mind (with the devilish laughing)


OMG, the Power Rangers (1st)


Atracting someone´s attention 

Ahaha I’m so bad making it, probably I´d start walking up and down or make all that fake things that render ridiculous a person. You know what I mean?!. So ugly to see Ahahah

 Having fun and enjoying life

 With my best friend I could be in a crowd place or alone in the desert and I have so much fun! I can enjoy them few times but they are always in my heart from years!

My life is pretty movement, there’s no a place i “use to” go, I’m always around, but the best  for me is when I cut some days in summer to go to the sea, a small city in Emilia Romagna, and see my super friends! The best of life

Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season

Well, throw water bomb against two people that are in the bed   (makin………..) Ahhahaahha or throwin eggs from running cars against friends. I have a long long list for the summer crazyness!


Fav body part and why 

I don’t know why I think I have a nice back but my father always say to me I’ve takin the butt from the part of family that not have it at all.. So.. Probably is untrue.  I don’t know maybe the cheek bones.

 Fav underwear for all moments 

Boxers all life

 Earliest childhood memory

 My aunt’s blue car, from ’60s,  amazing

Nickname in school 


 Food and Music 

Milanese meat



I’ve been listening everything but not r&b, I’ve listened too much in NY and I have to make a stop

 Guilty pleasure

Candies and cookies I go out of control, seriously, I become dangerous!!!

 If you weren´t a model you´d be…

 When I stop modeling, I will find a land in Sicily, to make my own wine

An unforgettable moment  

My Christmas, when I was kid

 Fav booking so far

The Christmas holiday in a tropical place


 Yourself in 10 years 

In a nice villa, out of the town with my dogs and my family

 Next Chapters

 I re-invented myself day by day, I’ve got the wine project, I’m gonna work on it, but as my grandma teachs me never say never.

Motto: you can always learn a lesson ’cause as a bro says “you don´t have make musical, you just have be beautiful”! Ahahahah love it cause it means nothing at all!

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 Marc Pend/ 26/6’2″/75kg/9




Mint Mgmt NYC

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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