Meet Marco Sinervo, the man behind MGM Models

17 mar, 2013

Hi, it’s my pleasure to join you here at WOM. I was born in the great German harbour city of Hamburg and grew up there.

I love photography and have been addicted to Fashion & Design ever since my  early youth.  Sixteen years ago I started from scratch as a trainee in a major agency in  Hamburg. My career developed step by step as an agent for various agencies  world wide till I became a long-term head-booker for an international agency.    In my free time I love to take long walks with both of my Rhodesian Ridgebacks and I’m crazy about cars, Interior Design, books, travel and cooking for friends.  

A terrific modeling agency was born!  

After working such a long time as an agent in several leading agencies internationally I wanted to make use of my acquired experience. My vision was to merge the best of what I’d learned and on my own establish hopefully, as near a perfect agency as possible.  The result is MGM, which is today one of the leading agencies in Germany with  over 700 models and a list of celebrities.

We have three office locations and a huge German and European client base. MGM has been very successful from the onset and we are ever expanding, which is simply awesome.   MGM is a power house today organized in four main departments with a wide  range of models.  We not only offer a high image board. We additionally have a large and well  geared commercial department; a best agers and big size models division and of  course we represent both female & male models,which is not common practice  anymore. 

Our clients love the fact that they get such a wide range of models from us  and my 15 extremely efficient and experienced bookers make sure that every  model gets their perfect care with optimized career management.   On my part, I take care of our major clients and the top brands as well as  exercising the control of day to day business, having my picky eyes everywhere  and bugging my bookers to death ( hahah… )  

Worldwide economic crisis really affected the fashion industry?  

In my opinion we don’t have a crisis We only have a structural change due to  the world wide web.  People today can buy fashion on the internet wherever they want in really the  whole wide world.  This ‘matter of fact’ makes the market more competitive and quite aggressive.  The simple keyword to success today more then ever is: “Quality” and “Offering  good service at a fair price.”   Working very up to date therefore, successful agencies have already  anticipated the needs of their clients and come through with speed and high  efficiency on the highest standards.

The fashion world: glamorous and vibrant

Oh yeah. the fashion world is definitely a very glamorous, vibrant and  exciting world and I like the fact that it’s constantly moving and changing, It just never gets boring. What’s ‘In’ today can be ‘Out’ tomorrow! I like that! In some ways I try not to take it too seriously then again I’ll always  be aware that it’s a shark tank in which we’re swimming.   It’s very ‘In’ today to be authentic and yourself and very ‘Out’ to be a  fashion copycat.  Wear what you want to wear and what fits yourself – free from the fact of  whether it’s in fashion or not.  Nothing is more boring then to be overdressed and therewith meaningless.

The new generation of models and the key to success 

For the new generation of models there’s a terrific market with very promising  new brands from established fashion companies as well as upstart fast growing ones. Today, clients in Germany are much more open to an overall diversity in  new model types and aren’t so stuck in a specific style- so it’s a great opportunity to push new faces for the major jobs, which we love doing all the  time.    The key to success is basically real beauty, the right height, self-confidence and an acting talent.

Further it’s important to be willing to travel and face new challenges. It’s  necessary to be in the right place at the right time to attend the big  castings for the major campaigns worldwide. Follow what your agent advises you and always be disciplined with strong will power,  then you’ll make it!  (The upsides are obvious and marvellous the downsides  are the hard grind of the work, the long hours and the intense competition  involved.)  

Apply at one of the leading agencies and let them manage your career. Have  trust in their experience and face every challenge with  enthusiasm. “work hard, no drama”   Please understand that I make it a policy to never talk about my models’  careers or lives. This is kept private.  You can see all of their recent campaigns on our FB page and on our website  but i can tell you that i developed and or co-developed  at least 7 Supermodels in my live and i manage today more then 30 celebrities and top models.

I love the moment when you’ve found a new talent and he or she’s breaking  through.  It’s such a good feeling and gives me so much pleasure to see those lucky  faces and I’m always proud like a father of my models.  A beginner in general should be patient in the early stages of their career  and understand that success  will not come instantly from one day to the other.

An unforgettable moment, places Marco goes for fun and his motto

Sunset in the wilderness of Kenia,  Africa.  Places I go for fun?  St. Tropez Sardinia, Miami   

My motto: Stop thinking – start living .

I wish all followers of WOM- that they’ll make their way in live and will find  luck and fulfilment in whatever they want to do!  Share MGM on Facebook and get the latest news on your favourite  models and support them with  clicks and likes.!/pages/MGM-Models/100462800020417?fref=tstEH The website  

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