Marco Rodriguez: “Women will always be on top of the business! And that’s good how it is, I think”

27 abr, 2014

Hello World of Models, my name is Marco Rodriguez 25 years old from Germany, I started modeling in 2012.

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emilio tini milan (3)

I came for the fashion week, but I had no agency, no pictures and no money. After the castings I went every day to hit the streetse, to get some cash! I stayed for about 3 weeks in Milan, after paying for my stay, composite cards, shoots,…I didn’t make some money at all, but I get some pictures and the confidence that I can work as a model. But I knew It will be a long way!

 I grew up in a small village in south Germany. I used to play football every day, but I always wanted to do something different. I wanted to travel and see what’s up in the cities! Through my sisters I got into hip hop music. I remember at the age of 8-9 listenning to Notorious BIG, 2 Pac and later the WU Tang Clan. Even I didn’t understand a word of what they said, I saw in the videos, that those guys were doing their thing!

That was for me the key point to search for something what I can do as well! I think that’s why I fell in love with hip hop immediately. And later got into breaking.




Modeling: how did all begin

I crashed into modelling in 2012, I never thought about becoming a model, I had some offers before, but I never took them. But one day when I was injured and financial broke, a friend called me and asked me if I would like to do a fashion dance show and if I would cut my hairs?

He said 700€ for 2 days, that was all I needed to know! After the Job some people told me to apply for some agencies. I thank God for the Job

Posing to photographers: any previous preparation?

Nope, there is no previous preparation, I just try to be myself and think on different scenario depend on what the shoot is about! I like when photographers wants to try out things and are open for new poses, I mean as a model normally we have to copy other Images, or be in poses many did before, I like to break out of this and bring some new flavour in the game!

Something funny? yeah always! But I keep it better for my own :-)

2014.01  ganso

The catwalks´ experiences

I just did some few shows. In Spain for Emidio Tucci, there was a Wolf and my friend tapped on his tail! No good idea ahha!

Male models x Female models

I think there are more male models coming up, but only a few can live really out of modeling. It’s a hard market for both genders. But I think it´s sad to see so many men in this with no other perspective! I think a man should always have a Plan B! 

I think as long as men do not admire other men for their beauty. Women will always be on top of the business! And that’s good how it is, I think. There is no Male superstar who is famous all over the world, women everybody knows at least 5! I think men need to do more than look good, to get recognition!




Region Captussre

My first shooting ever


Marco, a fashionista?

Not really, my clothes are oriented on my dance. I just wear something I can dance with. So mostly sneakers, bBaggy…

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If running away would’nt be an option! Maybe I would play the game and do what makes them happy! But if I have the chance to tell the truth, I would do so definitely!

Your style concerning…


I like them all!

When walking down the runway

“I wonder if they have some good food after the show!”




sonja dirscherl (1)

sonja dirscherl (3) 

Your way to atract someone´s attention

I say “Hello!”

Having fun, enjoying life

I like quite spots, hang out listen to music, deep house, chill hip hop. I like the sea side, mountains, or crowded spots with a certain type of flair! I like to stay till the end of a party and watch sunrise !!!!

If you could have a super power what would it be? What´s your fav super hero?

Fly and my fav super hero is Jesus








The craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season

I slept outside on cardboard in the garden of a church in Italy, cause I missed the late bus! If this is crazy I don’t know…

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

A model saying dumb things watch Zoolander!  

Fav body part

My ears! I learned to love them!

In your IPOD

I don’t have IPOD but I like Tracy Chapman 


tom rebl 1


Fav food

Spanish Paella 

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Already finishING with my studies!


Let easy things look difficult and make difficult things easy!

2012 - First Time Milan Emilio Tini

Next Chapters

I want to finish my studies, and then start to travel! 

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Mother agency: Kult Model Agency Hamburg

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