Meet the Italian model Marco Castelli

24 ago, 2014


Hello World of Models, immediately start saying, all of us become what we think we are: and it is mainly for this reason that today I make this work.
I was born in San Cataldo, a small Sicilian village, I lived up to 20 years in Porto Empedocle.

I describe myself as a very spontaneous and energetic guy.


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I started modeling in November 2011 and after my third day in Milan I signed my first contract with a modeling agency.

I took the first test after a week with Giorgio Codazzi. I started to make my first casting and after some times i booked some jobs, so I decided to move to Milan.

The thing I enjoy most about my work is travelling. In just 3 years I have been in different cities, thanks to this I’ve learned about many things like different life stytes, culture and so on.




Backstages and Catwalks

Backstage´s funniest surely Philipp plein with the final party always full of people :)

On the catwalk, being confident of themselves always wins.

My favorite one remains a secret :)

The fashion industry and Marco´s style

I do not have a precise thinking about the fashion show, certainly it’s the dream for many models to be part of it.

The men’s fashion industry is growing, but women’s fashion remains undisputed the biggest.

I do not call myself a fashionista, I follow my own style; I love to dress comfortable, leisure sportswear for me is ideal.







Most dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say (lol)

I have often heard to say ‘I hate modeling’!

A famous model surrounded by a huge crowd. How u´d handle it?

When happens, I will behave more naturally as possible.






 sportweek (2)


I love functional training, jumping rope, swimming, football, kick boxing, skateboarding and I love to practice self-defense (krav maga).

On loving and dating



I’m a free spirit, very passionate.

Superpowers and fav hero

I would choose to fly and stop time. My favorite hero is Batman. 




Having fun, enjoying life

Chill out with my girl friend, have fun with my friends :)

 In your Ipod

The XX


Sea food





 If you weren´t a model, you´d be…

A businessman

An unforgettable moment

When I´m back home after a long time to meet my family again


The expectation is a powerful force of attraction! Expect the things we want and not the things we do not want.

Next Chapters

I´m Tokyo right now and next stop: New York, here I go!



 Marco Castelli


Two Management 

Michele Pommier Models 

I Love Models Management

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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